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The Secret Garden Party


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After our 'experience' at The Big Chill last year, a few of us said how nice it would be to go to a festival even if Mika was not playing, something that MFCers could go to and take the kids too.


We kind of came up with this.






It's quite a small festival and looks really interesing.


I know Kata and I spoke about this recently and it would be nice to get the Big Chill crowd together again and anyone else who is interested with kids or without.


Avoca, MikaMad, Tia, Bexxy, for starters!


This will probably die a death but at least I tried.


We could always drop the big guy a line and ask if he fancies making it up to us after The Big Chill. :mf_rosetinted:

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Alphabeat playing here!




Jones, Alphabeat play Secret Garden

Monday, April 14 2008, 11:39 BST


By Alex Fletcher, Entertainment Reporter



Grace Jones and Alphabeat will be among the acts playing this year's Secret Garden Party festival.


The Jamaican-born actress and singer, who released the hit singles 'Slave to the Rhythm' and 'Love on Top of Love' in the '80s, will headline the event. The other two headliners have not yet been announced.


Other acts confirmed for the bash include NME Award winners Glasvegas, mobileAct Unsigned victors Envy & Other Sins, Morcheeba and Sons & Daughters.


The festival takes place in Huntingdon, East Anglia on July 24-27. Tickets are on sale now.

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