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Calling Any Relient K Fans


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....so are there any here? As far as I know there has never been a topic about them. Anyway, I became a fan through my boyfriend. They are his favorite band, so obviously I became interested as well.


We have seen them twice in concert and I just discovered today that they'll be doing a show in my city in March. Can't wait to go...especially since it's rare that we go see a band that Chris loves a lot!


Anyway....does anyon else like their music?

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I don't really think there's a problem with their music, personally...but we all view things differently. :)


"Must've Done Something Right" is a big fave of mine. It reminds me of my bf in many ways.


And yes, they do give great live shows! My bf and I were actually fortunate enough to be at the very front row opposite of Matthew the last two times we saw them...so that was fun (and violent lol). We also met Matthew before the show and he's a cool guy!


I discovered that they are touring again and will be coming to my state in October...so I'll most likely be going to that show, hopefully!

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I used to be into them when I was about 9 or 10. I had some CD of them jumping over hurdles on a track or something? Anyways, I gave it away at a yard sale about a year after I got it. :(

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Check and see if they're touring near you, girlie!


They usually play at Disney or Universal studios, every year at the big christian rock festival: Rock the Universe!:punk: unfortunatly my church has never gone, but i will hopefully go with my friend's church!!:bleh:

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*big bump*


I LOVE Relient K, My friend got me into them, and I think they're are more fans here, I like "Who I am hates who I've been" :wub2:


they're going to be in Atlanta.. December 5th.. the Same day I'm going to see tobyMac and Skillet in Greenville, hopefully I can catch them next time around. :aah:

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