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After Parc des Princes interview

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Can someone do a transcript, because I swear at one point early in the interview, he mentions Morecambe and Wise (comedy double act of the 60s &70s)!!!

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Can someone do a transcript, because I swear at one point early in the interview, he mentions Morecambe and Wise (comedy double act of the 60s &70s)!!!


I havent heard that :blink: Where in the interview?

But I translated it. It's in the news section somewhere :bleh:

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Can someone do a transcript, because I swear at one point early in the interview, he mentions Morecambe and Wise (comedy double act of the 60s &70s)!!!


I havent heard that :blink: Where in the interview?

But I translated it. It's in the news section somewhere :bleh:


Here it is :wink2:


Here's the translation of the aftershow interview!


There might be weird translations and stuff especially as it's more of a spoken language :bleh:





Virgin Radio: Good evening Mika

Mika: Good evening

VR: First of all, congratulations! Tonight was incredible! I’ve rarely seen such a colourful show, I’ve rarely seen a guy who’s worked as much to plan a show and I’ve never seen teddy bears doing stuff almost…well, you see, huh?

M: Innapropriate? (not sure about that, haven’t understood what he said)

VR: Yeah, well how much time did it take you to prepare such an incredible show?

M: Err 3 months. *he corrects himself* 2 months, more or less 2 months.

VR: And this “cartoon” world_ is it to remain in your childhood, is it to make people remain children, is it to make people dream, is it because you want to disconnect to reality?

M: No, not really, because most people in the stadium were adults. It’s not a child world, it’s a parallel world, I think, it’s a world full of dreams, plenty of possibilities and where flaws are fantastic qualities and there are no more excuses, that’s what’s the most important. We never say “sorry” because there’s no need to.

And I hope that everybody in the stadium felt the same feeling I have in my mind, that I had in my childhood and that I still have today, and that I have when writing my second album. We never say that we’re sorry, that is important.

VR: I’ve heard that you played a song of your second album?

M: I’ve played the first song that I’ve showed everybody (And what about How much do you love me???? ) It’s the first time I’ve done that, I was really nervous. The song’s called “Rain”

VR: Thanks for having done this for Virgin Radio

M: Yeah *giggles a lot*

VR: As you talk about this world of yours, well, I’ve seen it well because I’ve been outside a few times to report what was happening to our listeners and when you came on stage, I saw people’s faces changing completely, I’ve seen children’s faces, 30 years old people’s faces (I have trouble with that part too ) I really wanted to congratulate you, it’s very impressive.

M: Thanks, it’s very, very nice.

VR (other guy): How does it feel to make 50 000 people melt away like that in the Parc des Princes?

M: I can’t even explain. Frankly, it’s incredible. I know that when I say that, it sounds a bit stupid but it really is incredible. It’s weird because I feel like everybody in the stadium came with the same feeling that I did and that ‘cheers me up (I’m sure there’s a better translation for “foutre la peche” but I can’t think of it right now ) is that how you say it ? It’s a childhood dream, it’s a life (long) dream it’s the way I live, and it became my life now and to be able to do something like that, and it give me a raison d’être

VR: How many people were called up to prepare such a show/ a show like that?

M: There was my family and I have a sister who’s called Zuleika who was living in Pekin, in Beijing and she worked on the dragon you’ve seen. So there were stuff that were made in China, a lot of the costumes were made all around the world, especially in India. We had a whole company who was working on the staging everywhere in the UK, I had a company who was working in Holland next to Amsterdam, we had people who were working in Paris….Overall, counting everybody even if someone only touched something, there were thousands of people.

VR: Thousands of people! And I think there’s a funny anecdote with the dragon. Wasn’t there some problems with the Customs, didn’t the original model remain stuck?

M: There were two dragons_ at first there was a 100metre dragon and my sister Zuleika made it in an Opera factory in Pekin. She’s almost failed her exams_ she’s studying in ESMOD for the design, modelling, cutting_ how do you say it? (He’s not sure of the right words in French)

VR: Well she’s in a design school

M: So she’s almost failed her exams because she was painting this dragon and in the end it didn’t even come because there was problem with the Customs in China, they said it wasn’t safe but it didn’t mean anything. Anyway, my mum and my 2 other sisters Paloma and Yasmine who were working with me and my mum have been to Chinatown, they called the Chinese embassy and we asked them if they could lend us another dragon and a troop. They came without any idea of what was happening, they arrived at the Parc des Princes and were completely…*makes an awkward face* I think that most of them didn’t speak English but my sister was translating them everything. It was really funny but it was worth it.

VR: So this show that you’ve done for Virgin Radio, are you going to do it somewhere else, are you going to remodel it, are you going to tour with it?

M: No, it’s too big

VR: It’s too big? *Mika giggles* No! Incredible!

M: It’s going to be put in storage near London which will cost me a fortune just to keep it in a building but I might try to with the second album because this whole clown style_ I can say that now_ is quite close, visually to where I want to go with my second album so I think my songs are going to work

VR: Because I wasn’t expecting that at all! I knew you had your own special world that I really like but when I saw these athletes, these clowns; I began to think “Wow, where is this going to go?” It’s incredible!

M: I’m quite obsessed with Marcel Marceau’s character, this whole sadness…

VR: Yeah, I’ve seen the mask

M: I’m going to quote Yelle but this “joy/sadness” interests me a lot.

VR: Did you have time to see the other participants of this Virgin Show, namely “Panic at the disco”, YELLE…

M: I’ve heard YELLE of course, I love them, they were touring with me. They’re fantastic. I’ve heard “Panic at the disco”, I couldn’t hear Dyonisos (Dionysus) as I was getting ready at that time, it was just before I was going on stage but I’ve seen a bit of the staging and stuff before, they’re really cool, I like them a lot

VR: I got a flashback because of you with “I just can’t get enough”, I got a hallucination

M: Really? *giggles* you got a hallucination for real?

VR: Yes, yeah!

M: What do you have in your pocket then?

VR:*both guys laugh out loud* <other guy> The Depeche Mode cover was really good. By the way, we’re going to talk about the second album because you gave us a taster with a song played in acoustic, so can you tell us a bit more on this second album? <First guy again> I’m a presenter; I ask wider questions, he’s a journalist…

M: …My God! What are you going to do? I’ve already given you a song, I won’t say anything else! I’ve given you visuals and songs, I can’t tell you anything else otherwise I’d have to release the album next week and I don’t want to!

VR: In any case, it’s really nice to have done that for us

M: It’s a pleasure

VR: We’re very proud to have received you

M: Thanks for this opportunity, is that what we say?

VR: Exactly

M: It was a dream!

VR: And we hope we can do this again very soon, we hope you’ll be here again with us on Virgin

M: I would love it

VR: Thanks

M: Thanks a lot

VR: <second guy> Thanks a lot Mika

VR: Thanks a lot for coming

M: Good night

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