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What Is This World Coming Too


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dangit I need to burn another copy I'm NOT taking my precious cd somewhere it can get hurt




Make sure you’re bringing your own copy; I went to a party in Stockholm this summer and asked the DJ to play a little Mika. He barely knew about him and the only thing he had was a Relax-remix!:shocked::roftl:

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They played Big Girl at my school disco and it cleared the floor :furious:


Nnnnnnoooooo! I would have been out there dancing like a fool ALL BY MYSELF and singung along the ENTIRE song!!!! Oh Yeah Oh Yeah!!!!


We DID that at the skating rink :thumb_yello:

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Oh I'm sure they have at least one or a few songs of him so don't worry.:wink2:But to be sure just take your own copy of Mika's CD to the prom.:naughty:

That's just what I was going to suggest! Just take LICM and get the DJ to play it. It will be a memorable prom night!!

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