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  1. Well, you said you were forgetful, so I didn't hold it against you. :P

  2. Happy Belated B-day!


    I looked at your profile and it said 14...


    Then I remembered your birthday was way back in October :o


    I feel bad now :S

  3. '[b]"I tried to look like Grace Kelly" Mika once sang "but all her looks were too sad. So I tried a little Freddie..." Katy Perry has evidently taken a page out of his book Queen frontman Freddie Mercury for a Halloween party last week.'[/b] It's I tried to BE like Grace Kelly, Heat! How could you get that wrong?! UPDATE: There's also an Adele interview where she says: "I met him [Mika] at the Brit Awards. Just after I'd picked up my award he'd wo best breakthrough we were on live TV bit with Fearne Cotton who was giving the numbers out to phone in for Single Of The Year. I was going "Oh, number one for Bleeding Love. Oh no, number two for Valarie. No, number two for Foundations..." and when it came to number four which was his I didn't say anything and he was like "Oh you bitch!" We've been friends ever since. I do love him very much" Heat: Would you go there? A: With Mika? No. I like black boys. And it has a picture of Mika and Adele walking together
  4. I wore my Amy Winehouse costume FOUR TIMES I wore it to my guides party, and I won a little ghost-candle thingy, then tio my disco where I won 3rd best costume prize (£3.00. Everyone else agreed it wasn't enough ). Then I wore it to go trick or treating, then to this person's party yesterday. I am never wearing it again!
  5. He? Ours were all women. And mine asked me to call her 'Aunty Hazel'.
  6. Um...guys http://www.heatworld.com/Article/7692/Jade+Goody/The+9+0Clock+News+%e2%80%93+Wed+22+Oct scroll down. I can't beleive that!
  7. Did she ask you if you were pregnant? She asked me and my friends if we were pregnant! I was like "Errm, do I look pregnant?"
  8. I've only had one so far! I'm having another one in a few weeks, then another one after that
  9. Has anyone else had the cervical cancer vaccination yet?
  10. Do it!!! Please, do it for me! We're having prizes for best costumes, I might be a bit embarrassed if I win one, I don't like winning stuff I bet I'll get thickos coming up to me all night going "Are you Amy Winehouse?" I'll just say "Nooooo, I'm Boris Johnson!"
  11. What, flour? I was going to bring a wine bottle and have srynges (sp?) sticking out of my arm, but I thought it would be a tad OTT... Yeah, I'll post a picture when I've done it!
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