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20 things you like, 20 things you hate :)


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purplegrape's thread reminded me of this one i saw on another forum :)

i liked it :)

here is my list :bleh:

20 things i love

1. earl grey tea

2. mika

3. ronnie & snooker

4. swimming

5. traveling

6. playing scrabble and other board games

7. socks

8. colorful things that i can put around my wrists (not just bracelets)

9. stationery

10. flamenco

11. jazz

12. good books

13. milk chocolate

14. snow fights

15. kebab and other delicious meals

16. colorful key rings

17. cartoons&comics

18. good movies

19. cheese

20. aaaaaaaand... horses


20 things i hate


1. being hungry

2. a specific time of the month icon_evil.gif

3. high heels (they don't need to be high actually... i just hate them)

4. the fact that chocolate and burgers make me fat

5. that school starts in a week (i'm terrified at this thought)

6. coffee

7. justin timberlake (yuck)

8. most of the today's music

9. silly love/comedy movies

10. my left foot

11. my bad moods

12. economy

13. mayonnaise

14. when my camera refuses to focus where i want

15. autumn

16. our mayor

17. chopping onion

18. having to wear glasses

19. that i don't know how to install windows on my pc. (i'm stupid i know)

20. people that don't pack gifts nicely.

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done :thumb_yello::wink2:


20 things I love:














14-colorful things



17-swimming pool





20 things I hate:


1-Brussels sprouts


3-be sick

4-go to cinema




8-Mow the lawn

9-take the bus

10-awaiting lines



13-rap groups

14-rain weather (but like Rain song! :bleh:)



17-my feets

18-sometimes my computer

19-my camera


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Things I love.

1. Ice cream

2. Mika

3. Peter Pan

4. Watching Heroes and House M.D.

5. Harry Potter books

6. Cats

7. Rainy days *I love them, specially if I have to go out*

8. Milo Ventimiglia

9. Acting

10. Colours

11. Video Games

12. T.V.

13. Sleeping

14. Languages

15. Myself *Yes, I love myself.:original:.*

16. Biology

17. Cartoons

18. Winter

19. Vegetables

20. Fruits



Thing I hate.

1. Butterflies

2. Alcohol

3. Coffee

4. Dancing

5. Being late

6. School

7. Highs

8. Labels

9. People who thinks they're better than other people

10. Certain kind of music from my country

11. People who coughs in your face.:sneaky2:.

12. Long distances.

13. Anything related to law school.

14. Summer

15. When my computer is slow.

16. The bus

17. Being bored

18. Cigarette's smoke

19. Fights between my relatives

20. Dresses

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20 things i love


1. Mika

2. Rpattz

3. Cal harri

4. freddie mercury

5. cheese

6. orlando bloom

7. cheesecake

8. potatoes

9. dance

10. football (american)

11. rugby

12. Music

13. Pink

14. shoes

15. clothing

16. P!nk

17. pigs

18. cats


20. tonnes of mfcers i cant even begin to mention.


20 thing I hate


1. thiiss ii haatee thhiiss

2. People who smoke

3. People who think they're better than everyone else because of their religion or beliefs

4. Politians XD

5. friends who are plain nincompoops

6. Hannah Montana

7. Miley cyrus

8. Chihauahs

9. doing the kitty litter

10. Being 900000000000000 km from my lover in california.

11. cabbage rolls

12. lasagna

13. Spicy things

14. JONAS BROTHERS, thats right, i said it.

15. Not talking to megan in ages....:tears:

16. uh.... fake plants

17. Judgementful comments.

18. the rain

19. Math

20. Purple.

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