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  1. hey hun! How are you? It's been a while! I was one of the lucky few who could see Mika at the Mobistar gig in Brussels last week :) It was amazing and made me realize how much I miss him performing. I hope to see you soon at another Mikagig (hoping he will soon announce some gigs :wink2:) Kisses! xx

  2. Hi guys If someone has one or two spare ticket(s) for Avenches festival in Switzerland August 17th, please contact me I let you my email: kaski0707@yahoo.fr Thank you in advance
  3. Awww my friend I was so so happy to see you again! I thought we'd have the chance to meet again later during the afternoon... but people stayed there in front of the scene even if the weather was so so hot... we were very surprised! Indeed, a guy from security told us the gig was sold out with 12 000 people Glad your cousin liked the show Was sad to not see you more.... Hope to see you again very soon my friend!
  4. OMG!!! soo happy you girls can finally go !!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!
  5. I sent you e-mail :) If we meet I'll help you guys catch a taxi, the light has to be off on the top of the taxis and you just wave to them :) I need to take a taxi back to Victoria around 3:30 am so I can catch my bus to the airport, so I can help you get a taxi if you want :)

  6. Hi!

    I'm probably going but I'm not sure yet because the doorpeople seem to be strict with only letting regulars at the club in, but they left info at their site that 5 pound entry wristbands can be picked up at the G-A-Y bar at 30 Old Compton street in the late afternoon (they said), you don't pay for the wristband but if you get in at Heaven you only have to pay 5 pounds for entry if you have the wristband. :) Mika apparently gets on stage around 1:30, but I don't think a specific time is scheduled.

    I would love to meet up with you and pick up wristbands with you and que, if I'm going. When are you going to be in London? If I go, I'll arrive in the city around 3 pm. I'll let you know for sure if I'm going tomorrow :) Btw, my e-mail if you want to keep contact during the trip is: laradanes@yahoo.se

  7. Hi! I saw on the thread you'll try to enter for the heaven gig On Saturday?With a friend we're going to London tomorrow so maybe we can meet before? Do you have infos about this show? Thanks!!

  8. hey!! so, did you manage to see Mika yesterday?? xx

  9. Hey girls! :hello: if we are a little group of MFCers who have no tickets tomorrow... Maybe wéll have a hope? I wanted to come tomorrow... (Plus, I love Brussels so it's the occasion...) ) can someone send me the adress of the showcase please? Thanks in advance! ;-)
  10. Oh yes Congrats for the tickets ! Really happy that you won !!
  11. Yes I'll try again and again... Sadly I don't speak Dutch I soo would love to going to this showcase Jim mobile Showcase in Belgium was so great years ago
  12. Thank you for your answer ! But hell yeah, what those kind of questions? what the hell I know how many unique visitors has Q-music.be had today?
  13. Hi girls! With a friend, we would like to try to participate, but we don't understand a word on the radio and on the website... Can someone please translate me the 2 questions they ask? this one: "Tenminste: als je kan raden welke hit van Mika de Q-dj’s uitbeelden." and "Hoeveel unieke bezoekers heeft q-music.be vandaag?" I tried on a translator website but with no success... Thanks in advance !! And congrats to the girls who won tickets !! Ps: btw, can we play from France?
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