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Our Lady Peace/ Raine Maida


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I went to Niagara Falls on New Years Eve to watch Our Lady Peace. There were other performers, but I only went for Our Lady Peace. :bleh: I know it's late, but here are some videos from that night!







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Because I was so impressed with OLP at Niagara Falls, I decided I needed to see them in concert. So, earlier this month I saw them with a friend from school. Not a good choice - the concert, not the friend, she's awesome. The opening band was terrible. Screaming and banging their instruments. Awful try-too-hards. OLP was OK. The thing that bothered me was Raine Maida seemed out of it. I'm not saying he was high or drunk, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was. He seemed so vacant and out of touch. It was weird.

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