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Mika in the studio - summer 2008


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actually, i'm thinking that they were taken in the uk...

the counters (pic of jody marr) look alot like the ones in one of his blogs (the one with the apples that smell like amonia)

am i wrong?


It's the demo studio from last summer where he did the LABOUKAMAKAAAA blog. (Yes - the Bad Apples blog too)

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I don't recall seeing this anywhere and I haven't come up with anything searching the threads so I thought I'd post this even though it's not quite new....


Looks like Jodi Marr was in the studio with Mika last August... apparently she posted this on her site on Aug 30. I can't imagine we'd miss this, and it says it's been viewed 79 times... so my apologies if it's already been posted!


Mika and Andy:


(With the name of the studio right there... ugh, and we did all that sleuthing to try and figure out where he was!)


Jodi in the studio:



never seen them before! thanks for posting zoots:thumb_yello:

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