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Break? No break?

Dark Angel

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Need some guidance from my 2nd home cos i cant deside myself. Have been sitting up for hours thinking if i should take a break for some thinking. The reason is that i feel guilty about this




what she is talking about is what has been going on between me and her the past week. I needed help with an eatingdisorder i have, she thought she could help (and did a lil... kinda) and look where she is now... i donno what to do now cos im confused and nobody to talk to except for 1 who havent been though it

It wont be easy to take a break... take a break from what i sees as my 2nd home. Im here from when i turn my comp. on till off, it has made me smile så many times and helped me most time too when i have been down. It has made me happier and have then made me get less seizures (suffer from epilepsy). Take a break from my 2nd home... i donno how much i can do that but that post makes me feel guilty... the thing i have done to her. Im glad she wanted to help cos i need it and have asked for help here too but looked like nobody wanted to help except for her when it comes to have been through it cos a person who has that will understand better. I still needs the help and still want the help... I love this place with all my heart even though i see myself as a "nothing" on here and that nobody cares about :blink: Its great when a person asks for my help for smething or wanna do... makes me smile and happy. This place and ppl means more to me than myself aka. im the 2nd person. Other ppl first... me 2nd/can wait.

But back to what this is about. What to do? what do you think? Should i take a break for donno how long time?, still be here but just keep my mouth shut for ? time?, or just put the thing that happened a lil behind me? Or something else?

Ive been sitting up for hours thinking about what to do... i cant make it up with her cos she dont wanna talk. It will be very very hard to take a break but if you guys thinks that the best i can do? Whatever you guys thinks.... your oppinion means more than my own

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Angel! you can't leave me too!!!! :tears: i'm gonna be friendless! :crybaby: (no offence to my other friends :flowers2:)

what would we do without you??? :blink:


please? please don't go! when i see you in Newcastle you're getting extra hugs! :bleh:



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I think ... there is no harm in taking a break for a day or two from the MFC. Things can get a bit intense at times, and it may be good to remind ourselves that the rest of the world is still going on round us.


If you are having problems, that it is easy to become dependent on someone else, because you don't value yourself. And some people like to have people depending on them, because that is what makes them feel valued.


I don't think either of you should blame each other for anything, these situations just develop, and it is good that you can both stand back and think a bit more objectively about what has gone on.


I know you have been through a traumatic time recently, and this probably hasn't helped. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about things.

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