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Mika's freckles fan club!


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This is a thread for all of those who have a strange obsession with the freckles/ moles on mika's neck.

i'm surprised I'm not the only one here! :aah:

They're just so... Entrancing!




Feel free to post better pictures! (i have a few but i can't upload them yet)



#1- DoodleMaster

#2- xxmikaaa

#3- xxmika-maddo-joxx

#4- Dark Angel

#5- ZoeHeartsMikax

#6- crazy_olly

#7- CanWeSaySarah

#8- Lolliepop_girl

#9- Nati!

#10- pinkfakecheez

#11- MissPie


You people rule!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH Dark Angel!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I see em as that too, but knew what she ment when i read it...

I'm an Idiot :naughty: what else can i say?


Ohh! Me too, in french, but i know most people just call them freckles :bleh:


I understand why you were confused!




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