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  1. Hi!


    Have you seen my PM about your age for the Hunt competition?


    Take care



  2. Happy Birthday Jo (sorry it's a bit late) :bye:



  3. Well, I can safely say that last night was worth the numerous hours queuing in the continuous rain in the centre of Manchester...even if I've only just re gained feeling in my toes I have to say though, the support act was the worst excuse of a 'warm up' I've ever seen - I wasn't even sure he was an act! A lady behind me muttered than he just looked as if he was jammin' in his bedroom and he didn't look up to the crowd once. It was like torture waiting for him to finish and when he finally did, I wasn't sure if the people who were cheering as he left we cheering for his act or because he'd finally finished!
  4. I met him afterwards and told him about the mask! He giggled and said it was really funny of you so cute
  5. I'll be arriving about 12/1 o clock Friday at The Ritz....Who will be there?
  6. Okie dokie I'll see you guys around mid-afternoonish then! Looking forward to meeting those of you I haven't before And seeing old friends It's been too long!
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