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Mika Concert Poster Project


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Hey Guys! I need your input on a project that it going to take me a long time to complete. I could do it all on my own but I thoguht it would be more fun with input from you fine folks :). *edit* I will be doing 90% of the drawing. on the off chance that somebody wants to draw somthing to go on it. I could conceivably have someone draw something on acid free paper and mail it to me to paste on the poster. I was thinking of doing some layers and possibly adding glow in the dark stick on stars XD but I'm not quite that far in conception of the poster yet..


I have this two foot by two foot piece of paper. It is like a giant album cover. Because I need a distraction from real life things and I want a Mika related project to tide me over till the boy crosses the pond and lands in Austin and Hutto. (one day the tempting with hippos will work :P.. or not)


Basically this thing is going to be like a giant concert poster/faux album cover. It is to celebrate his albums that he has created so far. I thoguht at first that I would just focus on TBWKTM but I changed my mind. It appears from looking at the recent concerts he is still combining the songs from both albums. It will be a collage of images and bits of his lyrics interwoven throughout. The layout will make much more sense once I post proper pictures. There will be hints of both albums in the design along with my own bit of creative license to make it purtyful.



Here is a close up of th center. The rest of the update pictures will be added to the bottom part of this thread.




Part of my design is I am going to have snippets of songs. scattered through out the poster. I have markets/paint that allows to me to write things on top of my marker art. The lyrics will be hand written onto the poster. I'd prefer short snippets. My goal is to have lyrics from five songs from each album.


This is where I need help the most.. It's very hard to decide WHAT lyrics to put on there.




Everyone who takes part will get their user name printed on the back( I may end up making a booklet to go with it if I can't fit everyone on the back) The poster is huge and I'm sure I could fit a couple hundred names on it. Since this poster will be for the gig I will attend someday in the future. the names will be sorted by those attending and those who are attending in spirit.



The first part that I need help with is I need 5 partial lyrics from Life In Cartoon Motion and 5 from The Boy who knew too much. A example is below. You can do all the songs if you want. basically in everyone's answers I am going to look for common favorite lyrics. I suppose it would be easier to just put my favorite lyrics but I thoguht it would be more fun to get input from you guys. .. As it stands I'm working on the corners and will be working my way in. once the corners are done I'll post a picture.


As far as the snippets of lyrics here is a example of what I want your list to look like. You can pick and song off LICM or TBWKTM. I'm looking for your favorite verse from your favorite songs.


This is only a example of what I'm looking for..

1. Stuck in the Middle - I look at you, you look at me, we bite each other.

2. Grace Kelly - I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky!

3. Lollipop - Mama Told me what I should know, too much candy gonna rot your soul/if she loves you, let her go/ 'caus love only gets you down

4.Happy Ending - This is the hardest story, that I've ever told/No Hope or love or glory/ Happy ending's gone forevermore

5. Any Other World - Smile like you mean it and let yourself let go


1. Good Gone Girl - Hey You, what's a good girl like you

Doing in this crazy World?

2.One Foot Boy - What's a matter with going places? Take that Gross Look off your faces!

3. Pick up off the Floor - Put Your Heart back in your pocket, pick your love up off the floor

4. I see you - I'm standing across from you, I've dreamt alone now dreams wont do

5. We are golden -We are not what you think we are/ we are golden, we are golden Like a magpie/I live for glitter, not you

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As of yet there is no deadline. The deadline will come when He has a concert in Texas :wub2: for that will be my one chance to get it to him. *nods* I've only just started it. If I could get my camera to work I'd have pictures of it. so far all I have is his MIKA logo in the center and then the two albumn titles writtend round his logo. I am currently scrounging for my chip that lets me take my phone disk out so Ican post pictures of what I have so far.

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I was home with a stomach virus today so I had some time to spend with it.. here's the pcitures I have thus far. :)


Here are the first round of pictures.. .also a picture to give you a idea of how big it is XD.







I'm loving the random sims2 expansion pack! :thumb_yello:


It looks great so far :biggrin2:! I wish I didn't have exams coming up soon ;-; I'd have so much more free time.


But yeah, you don't want to listen to me moaning about my exams :blink: Get well soon! :D

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This is a lovely idea! I can't draw, so I'll just submit some lyrics I like from his songs.


From LICM.


Love Today- Carolina sits on 95, Give her a dollar and she'll make you smile

Any Other World - Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in

Relax - Took a ride to the end of the line where no one ever goes

Lollipop Too much candy gonna rot your soul

Billy Brown - He found an ilsand off the coast of Mixico



We Are Golden - Now I'm sitting alone and I'm looking for help

I See You - Could it be you feel for me in any possible similarity

Toy Boy - She's the meanest hag there has ever been

Touches You - This isn't a perfect love, but one that we're guilty of

Lover Boy - A pretty boy with a nasty trace, a funny boy with an ugly face


As I was writing these down I thought about pictures that could go with the lyrics. Like the train from Relax and Carolina from Love Today, or the hag from Toy Boy.

Good luck with your project.

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I'll think about some small drawing which you could add if u liked it...i THINK i might do sth... :biggrin2:


ermm...my favs parts of the songssssss.... :fangurl:



ANY OTHER WORLD-i tried to live alone,but lonely is so lonely,alone

BIG GIRL(YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL)-get yourself to the butterfly lounge

BILLY BROWN-Oh,Billy Brown you are a victim of the times

GRACE KELLY-I could be wholesome,I could be loathsome,I guess I'm a little bit shy

OVER MY SHOULDER-Feels like I'm falling, losing my way

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE-who will believe me,won't deceive me,won't try to change me?

LOLLIPOP-Take a look at the boy like me,never stood on my own two feet

MY INTERPRETATION-this is my interpretation and it dont,dont make sense

LOVE TODAY-anyway you want to, anyway you've got to, love love me, love love me, love love

RING RING-you play me like a kid with a crown




WE ARE GOLDEN- No giving up when you're young and you want some

ONE FOOT BOY-Empty loving makes me seasick

I SEE YOU-For fear of what you might do,I say nothing But stare at you

TOUCHES YOU-When I can't seem to leave you alone,Touching me touching you

DR JOHN-oh Dr. John,What am I doing,What am I doing wrong

GOOD GONE GIRL-Dance, dance, to the life you wanted

BY THE TIME-I'm busy in the blissful unaware

LOVER BOY- Love is just a superficial reaction

PICK UP OFF THE FLOOR-Put your heart back in your pocket,Pick your love up off the floor

RAIN-I was using you just to hide away

BLAME IT ON THE GIRLS-He's got looks that books take pages to tell


BLUE EYES-Your heart is broken To your surprise

TOY BOY- leave me in the dark you never hear me cry

LADY JANE- She cut off her feet and jumped into the deep

LONELY ALCOHOLIC-say you drink out of your sorrow for you've got no one to love



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