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Hi :D


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Hi everybody :biggrin2:

I am very happy to join you here :blush-anim-cl:

I know Mika since his beginning but I really became a fan approximately one year ago. Unfortunately, I have not had no opportunity to see Mika in concert, but the next tour I would make everything to go there !

To speak about me, I am 15 years old and I live in France, thus sorry if I do not speak English very well... :blush-anim-cl:

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Hi, welcome! And you'll find out, that if you visit this site regularly and read and write a lot of messages, you're English will improof!

Many of us make mistakes sometimes, but who cares!?!?:biggrin2:

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Hey !

Bienvenue sur le MFC Paloow !! :biggrin2:

On s'est déjà croisées sur d'autres forums ! :naughty:


Have fun there and don't hesitate to come in the French Thread !


Merci :blush-anim-cl: Oui c'est vrai :naughty: C'est marrant de voir que la plupart des fans français sont sur les mêmes forums :teehee:

And, yes I am to go to make it a tour, that pleases to speak French :biggrin2: Thanks to you too you allowed me to speak French here :roftl:

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