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2015 - Zenith de Caen FRANCE 16 October - REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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Hello, there!


Sorry I'm late. I'll post a quick report about the gig in Caen.

I'm not a French-speaker, so still waiting other reports about what he was chatting during the show!


Caen is located in Lower Normandy, took about two hours and a half by train from Paris. I took a 10 min. bus ride to Zenith de Caen from the city centre. I arrived around midday and found a flock of MIKA fans waiting time in queues. No number was provided, so I got  in a line and killed my time in horrible weather - windy, rainy, and fleeeeezing.



After a while, security officers came out  to set up only two gates to open.  People who had waited at the other gates had to move, then there was a little clash to line up in right order. Numbering would have been useful in such a case. When the gates opened, people were exicited, rushed into the entrances and some ran through the security officers by cutting tapes. Well I know it was one of those things, but never happy with that. I ended up in the second row and a generous girl let me in the front row for the last half of the show. 



In full throttle from beginning to end, MIKA belted out every single song. He looked more like a rock star than a pop singer. I actually started to worry about his vocal condition having big gigs in Paris and London ahead of. He reigned the stage with an energetic, powerful, overwhelming performance. I even felt an insane look in his eyes.. A bit scared indeed. It seemed he let loose his emotions passionately in some songs. When he was singing Good Guys, he lost his voice for seconds. He might be thinking of his heroes or  hardships which he had in his life. In Elle Me Dit, he tried to struck a Yoga-like pose. But he struggled with keeping balance on one foot for a while, so funny and poor One Foot Boy!



CAEN SetList
 No Place In Heaven
 Big Girl
 Good Wife
 Grace Kelly
 Talk About You
 Boum Boum Boum
 Good Guys
 Staring At The Sun  (Partly Tant Que J'ai Le Soleil)
 Elle Me Dit
 Happy Ending
 We Are Golden
 Last Party
 Love Today


Promiseland, Good Wife were added in, and L’amour, and Origin were gone. I noticed that he changed some words in Promiseland, that was impressive, brought more aggresive image to the song.
As an introduction of  Elle Me Dit, he played a bit of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" . It was interesting that people were singing in their own language! French people sung "Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman", English-speaking people sung "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and me?  Yes, I sung the song in Japanese, 'Kira-Kira Boshi".
Anyway, I think I fell in love with him again. It was MIKA  packed with masculine charm, and I was totally charmed. 




I'll post some photos I took later.



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