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  1. NaoMika

    Mika in UK - Ireland press 2019

    Auciton site Auction Details Title The Michael Gleason Collection of Original Recordings Filmed and Recorded at Abbey Road Studios - Part I Location Spink UK Date & Time Thursday 20th June 2019 - 06:00pm LOT 6 MIKA Auction: 19035 - The Michael Gleason Collection of Original Recordings Filmed and Recorded at Abbey Road Studios - Part I Lot: 6 MIKA, 3 songs, including all documentary and interview footage amounting to approximately 4 hours 25 minutes. Date recorded: September 1, 2006 Location: Abbey Road Studio 2 Blame it on the Girls 2.21 mns. Grace Kelly 2.57 mns. We Are Golden 2.53 mns. The lot includes: 1- The only existing set of original TAPE master recordings and filmed footages of the Artist's performances that day at Abbey Road Studios. The Mika session was filmed with 5 cameras and consists of 12 DVCPRO tapes covering the entire session, including documentary and interview footage. This amounts to approximately 4 hours 25 minutes of never publicly seen or heard unedited footage. 2- A GLYPH 1TB STUDIO DRIVE and a customized carry case, containing broadcast standard Pro Res HD video clips of the edited performances and interviews. The drive also includes the complete Pro Tools recording session and associated stems and a folder of the final mixes of all 3 songs in 16-bit uncompressed stereo. 3- A 16GB Executive USB DRIVE, with .mp4 versions of the edited performance and interview videos, and .mp3 and .wav versions of the finished mixes. The key is customized with inscription "The Michael Gleason Collection of Original Recordings - Recorded at Abbey Road Studios", and presented in a Spink box. 4- A translucid, lathe cut VINYL dubplate, pressed with the final master versions of the songs. The central vinyl artwork shows the name of the artist, the songs, the date and location of recording, and "Edition 1/1". The vinyl dubplate is presented in a black protective sleeve. 5- THREE PHOTOGRAPHS, "Edition 1/1": - A Poster-sized Black & White photograph of the Artist on the day of the performance. Size 22 inches x 15 inches (55.88 cm x 38.1 cm), on True C-type Fuji crystal archive professional paper, satin matt, framed with anti-reflect glass. - Two additional photographs of the Artist from the performance, one in Black & White and one in colour. Size 18 inches x 12 inches (45.72 cm x 30.48 cm), on True C-type Fuji crystal archive professional paper, satin matt, framed with standard glass. 6- A signed certificate of authenticity from Michael Gleason certified by CAG (Collectibles Authentication Guaranty). Subject to 20% VAT on both Hammer Price and Buyer’s Premium. For more information please view Terms and Conditions for Buyers. Starting Price $7,000 Catalogue Screen shots from the Catalogue
  2. NaoMika

    Mika in UK - Ireland press 2019

    The original master recordings of MIKA at Abbey Road Studios will be auctioned!! Spink to Offer the Michael Gleason Collection of Original Master Recordings of Musical Performances, Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Part 1 21 May 2019 PR Newswire Europe LONDON, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spink is honoured to present the first part of the Michael Gleason Collection, comprised of the original master recordings of musical performances of eighteen world-renowned artists performing over sixty songs at Abbey Road Studios. The auction will take place on June 20th, 2019 at Spink's headquarters office in London. In 2005, Michael Gleason, a successful Texan entrepreneur and producer residing in London, decided to create and produce Live from Abbey Road, a new music television performance series. Inspired by the 1967 original idea of The Beatles to make live broadcast recordings at Abbey Road Studios, the idea was to record sublime musical performances from some of the world's greatest musical artists in the best studio in the world. A Star Masterpiece Collection was born. From 2006-2012, more than one hundred and forty world-class musical artists came to Abbey Road Studios as a result of a very special invitation: to perform for the global series Live from Abbey Road. The series reached over 120 countries. This superb collection is comprised of the only original master recordings of the musical artists' performances made on their day at Abbey Road Studios. Hours of never-seen video footage and never-heard audio are included with each artist. There are no other copies of these master recordings. To create the best recordings possible, up to ninety microphones were used to record instrumental and vocal sound straight into the famous Abbey Road sound desks. To produce the best video footage possible, up to eight high-definition film and digital cameras captured every performance, as well as on-camera interviews with the individual artist or musical group. Several takes of a song were recorded in order to achieve the best possible live audio and video. As per Michael Gleason: "In the upcoming auction, I selected with Muriel, eighteen of my favourite artists and bands. Just to list a few, Ed Sheeran, Seal, the Gipsy Kings, Jamiroquai and The Killers… They cover a wide range of music tastes and appeal to a diverse audience. Now is the time to make it accessible to music lovers, art collectors, museums, music schools, artists and their labels, everybody who wants to own rare unique content. If you are a music collector, or love to collect but have never collected music before, these beautiful, original single edition audio and video recordings and photographs will be a priceless addition to your collections for you and generations to come." Muriel Eymery remarked, "To own a collection of original master studio recordings is the Holy Grail for all music lovers and extremely rare. Many of us dream to own an original recording of their favourite artist's or band's performance. When I met Michael Gleason, I knew this dream could come true for collectors around the world. A collection of this size and importance has never been available to collectors and the public at large until now. Each lot is in itself an important masterpiece of modern music history." Here is a complete artist list for the June 20th auction: Seal Blondie Elbow Jamiroquai Mika Two Door Cinema Club The Good the Bad & the Queen (feat. Damon Albarn) Natasha Bedingfield The Killers (2009 Session) Django Django Ed Sheeran The Kooks (2011 Session) Randy Crawford and Joe Sample Alanis Morissette Friendly Fires Beady Eye (feat. Liam Gallagher) Gipsy Kings Anna Calvi For each artist, a lot has been assembled and includes: A USB flash drive, in a dedicated leather case, loaded with the final master audio and video recordings, for ease of use while on the move. It is sleek, covered in white leather with gold letters reminding its content: "The Michael Gleason Collection of Original Recordings – Recorded at Abbey Road Studios", offered in a Spink box. A visually stunning, translucid, lathe cut vinyl dub plate, pressed with the final master versions of the songs recorded by the Artist (or the Band). The central vinyl artwork shows the name of the artist/band, the date and location of recording, and "Edition 1/1". A Glyph 1TB External Hard Drive of all of the digital recorded material, (or in a lot where the video footage is on film tape, the original tapes are included.) A poster sized, framed black and white still photograph, and two additional, desk size, unframed, photos of the Artist (or the Band) taken on the day of the performance. A signed certificate of authenticity from Michael Gleason.
  3. Good luck! Europe 1 vous invite au World Impact Summit à Bordeaux Le World Impact Summit (Sommet International des solutions pour la Planète) se tiendra du 23 au 26 mai sur la place des Quinconces à Bordeaux et réunira 2500 professionnels, 200 solutions et 40 speakers qui proposeront des solutions concrètes pour la planète. Pendant quatre jours se succèderont dans plusieurs espaces dédiés interventions inspirantes, débats, tables rondes thématiques, ateliers et world café. A cette occasion, le Club Europe 1 a le plaisir de vous offrir votre Pass permettant d’accéder à l’ensemble du WIS (Village des Solutions pour la Planète, conférences, tables rondes, keynotes et pitchs, ateliers et espaces d'expositions, cérémonie d'ouverture, accès prioritaire aux concerts Virgin Radio avec notamment Mika, Offenbach et Tom Walker). Vous pourrez également assister à l’émission spéciale « La France bouge » de Raphaëlle Duchemin qui se tiendra en direct du salon le vendredi 24 mai de 12h30 à 14h en présence d’invités exceptionnels. 10 membres du Club Europe 1 (2 places par membre) recevront leur Pass valable toute la durée du WIS et pourront assister à l'émission "La France bouge" le vendredi 24 mai. (Les membres seront sélectionnés parmi les inscrits ; dans la limite des places disponibles)
  4. Good luck! Virgin Radio Live débarque à Bordeaux le 24 mai, gagnez vos places ! Vous voulez assister à la plus grande tournée Pop Rock Electro de France ? Il n'y a qu'une seule radio à écouter : Virgin Radio ! Le 24 mai prochain, il faudra être à Bordeaux pour LE Virgin Radio Live ! Pourquoi ? Tout simplement parce que les plus grands artistes Pop Rock Electro de Virgin Radio viennent faire la fête avec vous sur la Place des Quinconces : Mika, Ofenbach, Tom Walker, Cassius seront tous là pour vous faire vivre une soirée de folie au beau milieu de Bordeaux ! Et la bonne nouvelle, c'est que vous pouvez d'ores et déjà gagner vos places : En écoutant Virgin Radio Ecoutez Virgin Radio, envoyez par SMS « Live » au 7.12.13 (2x75 centimes plus prix d’un SMS) et repartez avec votre séjour et vos places pour le Virgin Radio Live ! Sur Jouez sur en remplissant le formulaire (sans oublier vos coordonnées!) et surtout, lisez bien le règlement ! Bonne chance à tous et on se retrouve à Bordeaux pour un Virgin Radio Live inoubliable !
  5. Just found these great pics on PSA france corporate sales site.
  6. NaoMika

    Talk about you - Lyrics & Song Discussion

    Such a conflict should be avoided with upcoming new songs... --- ‘Blurred Lines’ on Their Minds, Songwriters Create Nervously By Ben Sisario 1763 words 1 April 2019 03:23 Feed (A part about TAY from the article) Ross Golan, a songwriter who hosts the podcast “And the Writer Is ...,” complained that when it comes to negotiations over royalty changes, writers can be left out altogether. When “Talk About You,” a song he wrote with the pop singer Mika and another writer, was released in early 2015, Mr. Golan said, he was surprised to learn that his share of the royalties had been reduced, and that five new names had been added to the credits — all without his knowledge. Mr. Golan said he was furious, but the only action he could take was largely symbolic: refusing to grant permission for a few licensing deals down the line. “I would rather shelve my asset than have someone else sell my integrity,” he said. But Mika acknowledged that the deal was necessary. In a Facebook post at the time, he said that it was “immediately obvious” that “Talk About You” bore a resemblance to two older songs — “Sarà Perché Ti Amo,” a 1981 European hit by the Italian pop group Ricchi e Poveri, and “I Only Want to Be With You,” a widely covered 1963 earworm by Dusty Springfield — and that it was his choice to share credit with the writers of those songs. “Some music comes from no where, some is inspired by other songs and others totally reference them,” Mika wrote. “In that case its always good to be crystal clear before a record even comes out.” Mr. Golan said that what bothered him was less the existence of a deal than the fact that he had no say in it. “If there are/were similarities, they were beyond unintentional,” Mr. Golan wrote in an email. “We’d never heard those songs.”
  7. NaoMika

    Tour rumours 2019

    Thank you so much Deb-san! I sent an email of inquiry to the venue too, but I haven't got reply. Now I can feel relaxed... and stopped packing. And I delated my tweets not to spread such fake info. Let's hope real tour dates in US will be announced soon! NaoMika☆
  8. NaoMika

    Tour rumours 2019

    Hello, there! I came across this site today. I'm not sure even if it's fake or true. I haven't found any info from the venue's site. Anybody knows more about this gig? 10TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW! March 15, 2019 — Leave a comment Join Mika for a one time only performance where he will be playing his sophomore album The Boy Who Knew Too Much in full, along with other all time fan favorite tracks. Come for a night full of music and never before heard stories about the making of the album and the tales behind your favorite lyrics. Purchase our VIP package for a meet and greet after the show, early entrance for sound check, and an exclusive performance of a brand new song off the unreleased 2019 album. Saturday 6 April 2019 Voltage Lounge 421 N 7th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 Doors @ 7pm // Show @ 8pm --- NaoMika☆
  9. NaoMika

    Imagine for Margo

    Video Interview of Janotte, who was associated with MIKA on campaign for "Imagine for Margo". She is talking about MIKA from 02:28. Brut. France Télévisions 26/02/2019 VIDEO. "Je suis fière de moi car j’ai survécu" : À 10 ans, elle a déjà vaincu le cancer Janotte incarne le combat de l'association "Imagine for Margo" qui œuvre pour les enfants diagnostiqués d'un cancer. "Elle n'a pas renoncé, elle a été courageuse", explique la mère de Janotte. À seulement 10 ans, la petite fille a déjà survécu à un cancer du rein. Pendant longtemps, elle a dû subir de lourds traitements qui l'ont parfois obligée à être allongée en permanence sur un lit, les docteurs lui préconisant de ne plus se redresser. Elle a pu surmonter cette épreuve difficile grâce au soutien de ses proches, notamment de celui de sa mère qui lui a prodigué des conseils forts tels que : "Croire en soi, ne pas penser qu'on va mourir." Un combat gagné "Je suis fière de moi car j'ai survécu, car j'ai cru en moi", confie Janotte. Aujourd'hui, elle peut jouer comme tous les enfants et pratique régulièrement l'équitation. "Quand je monte à poney, j'oublie tous mes soucis", explique la jeune fille avant de faire des trots assurés dans un centre équestre. Quelque temps auparavant, Janotte était aux côtés du chanteur Mika pour la campagne de sensibilisation de "Imagine for Margo". L'association lève des fonds pour la recherche contre le cancer des enfants et pour améliorer leur bien-être. Chaque année en Europe, 35 000 enfants et adolescents sont diagnostiqués d'un cancer. (Google Translation) Janotte embodies the fight of the association "Imagine for Margo" which works for children diagnosed with cancer. "She did not give up, she was brave," says Janotte's mother. At only 10 years old, the little girl has already survived kidney cancer. For a long time, she had to undergo heavy treatments that sometimes forced her to be lying permanently on a bed, the doctors urging her to no longer recover. She was able to overcome this difficult ordeal thanks to the support of her family, especially her mother who gave her strong advice such as: "Believe in yourself, do not think you are going to die." A fight won "I'm proud of myself because I survived because I believed in myself," says Janotte. Today, she can play like any other child and regularly rides. "When I go pony, I forget all my worries," says the girl before making trots insured in an equestrian center. Some time ago, Janotte was alongside singer Mika for the "Imagine for Margo" awareness campaign. The association raises funds for research against childhood cancer and to improve their well-being. Every year in Europe, 35,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. --- attached some screenshots from the video.
  10. And some other.. both are about typography things written by Steven Heller. Steven Heller is an eminent American graphic designer, art director, art critic and author. For over thirty years he held the position of senior art director at New York Times Book Review and U&lc magazine. He prolifically authored and co-authored books tracing the history of typography, illustration and other subjects related to graphic design. Stencil Type Typography Sketchbooks
  11. NaoMika

    MIKA's New Swatch Collection

    Related article 不是錶迷也必逛「Swatch Loves Art」 快閃店!賞錶、賞藝術,還有綜藝小天后LULU創作的巨型手錶 Yahoo時尚美妝編輯群 2019年02月18日不是錶迷也必逛「swatch-loves-art」-快閃店!賞錶、賞藝術,-105312553.html First part from the article 幾乎每個人的一生中都會有一只Swatch,除了它的多變性外,還將藝術與時間美學完美結合並呈現在生活中。多年來更與全球不同領域的知名藝術家合作,融入品牌的藝術DNA和創作熱情,創造出許多無與倫比的腕間藝術品,全球限量的經典藝術錶每每推出即造成搶購風潮。 這次在華山打造最新潮流藝術基地「Swatch Loves Art」限定快閃店,完整呈現品牌35年來經典藝術錶款,是潮流、設計迷與錶迷不可錯過的展覽,不是錶迷更要去吸取一下藝術的氣息阿。 (Google Translation) Almost everyone will have a Swatch in their lifetime, in addition to its variability, it will also combine art and time aesthetics into life. Over the years, it has cooperated with famous artists from different fields in the world to integrate the brand's artistic DNA and creative enthusiasm, and created many unparalleled wrist art works. The limited edition of the classic art watch has caused a wave of buying. This time, we created the latest trend art base "Swatch Loves Art" in Huashan to define the flash shop. It is a classic art watch that has been in the brand for 35 years. It is an exhibition that fashion, design fans and watch fans can't miss. It is not a watch fan but also to learn about art. The breath of Ah.
  12. NaoMika

    MIKA's New Swatch Collection

    MUMU is exhibited on "Swatch Loves Art 藝術基地" in Taipei. 25 Jan. - 7 Apr. at Huashan1914 Swatch Loves Art藝術基地 Swatch首次集結自1985年來最經典藝術家系列腕錶, 現場展出超過20支作品,其中不乏知名藝術家Kiki Picasso、黑澤明以及英國知名歌手Mika 皆與Swatch合作過,讓喜愛Swatch的粉絲們能夠一次大飽眼福,欣賞Swatch與眾多藝術家所激發出的藝術創意! 今年,Swatch Loves Art藝術基地,除了展出歷年藝術家合作腕錶外, 更與台灣知名藝人LuLu、郭彥甫以及塗鴉藝術家Debe合作。 三位將揮灑獨特的個人創意及風格在Swatch大錶上,這支大錶高達210公分搭配大錶底板,如同一幅完整藝術做品,更完美呈現Swatch與藝術的創意世界! (Google Translation) Swatch Loves Art Art Base For the first time, Swatch has assembled the most classic artist collection since 1985. More than 20 works were exhibited on the spot, including well-known artists Kiki Picasso, Akira Kurosawa and the famous British singer Mika. They all cooperated with Swatch, so that fans who love Swatch can feast their eyes and appreciate the artistic creativity inspired by Swatch and many artists. ! This year, the Swatch Loves Art Art Base, in addition to exhibiting artist collaboration watches over the years, It also cooperates with famous Taiwanese artists LuLu, Guo Yanzhen and graffiti artist Debe. The three will present their unique personal creativity and style on the Swatch watch. This large watch is up to 210 cm with a large watch base, such as the same complete art work, more perfect for the creative world of Swatch and art!
  13. I guess the pic was taken from Sanremo 2019. Sanremo 2019 - Lo show di Pio e Amedeo Screenshot on 15:44
  14. NaoMika

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Pilot is still promoting Limited MIKA Edition in France... Pour l’achat entre le 1er janvier et le 15 juin 2019 d'un montant supérieur ou égal à 10€ TTC de produit(s) PILOT de la gamme "Edition limitée MIKA", recevez un remboursement différé de 5€ TTC par virement bancaire. Pour bénéficier de l'offre : 1. Achetez simultanément, entre le 1er janvier et le 15 juin 2019 inclus, et pour un montant supérieur ou égal à 10€ TTC de produits PILOT de la gamme "Edition limitée MIKA" dans les magasins participants, relayant l'opération en France Métropolitaine, Corse et DROM COM compris. (Les achats non simultanés ne sont pas acceptés) 2. Connectez-vous avant le 15/07/2019 inclus sur le site promotionnel Pilot ( pour participer à l'opération. 3. Remplissez intégralement le formulaire d’inscription en ligne avec vos coordonnées complètes (nom, prénom, adresse, numéro de téléphone, votre IBAN/BIC, votre adresse mail, code-barres du ou des produits). Seules les participations complètes, réalisées en ligne seront traitées. Merci de ne pas envoyer de demande de participation par courrier postal. 4. Téléchargez votre facture ou ticket de caisse dans son intégralité en entourant la(les) référence(s), la(les) désignation(s), le(s) prix et la date de votre achat. 5. Recevez sous 6 à 8 semaines, à compter de la réception de votre demande conforme, votre virement directement sur le compte bancaire indiqué lors de votre inscription. Cette offre est limitée à un seul remboursement de 5€ TTC par foyer (même nom, même adresse, même IBAN-BIC). Offre réservée aux personnes majeures résidant en France Métropolitaine, Corse et DROM COM. Toute demande illisible, incomplète, erronée, manifestement frauduleuse ou ne respectant pas les modalités annoncées ci-dessus sera considérée comme nulle.
  15. DVDs will be released soon. 1st issue will be out on 29 January 2019. La compagnia del cigno (DVD) La fiction di RAI Com record di ascolti 12 uscite | Periodicità Settimanale | Editore RCS MediaGroup Descrizione La storia di un amicizia tra sette giovani talentuosi musicisti, iscritti al Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano, forzati a misurarsi con la vita, le regole, la disciplina e con un duro direttore d'orchestra, Massimo Boni, il quale si aspetta da loro il massimo. Piano completo dell’opera: L'arrivo di Matteo - 29/01/2019 Nascita della compagnia - 05/02/2019 Il primo concerto - 12/02/2019 La scelta di Barbara - 19/02/2019 L'orgoglio di Sara - 26/02/2019 Un'altra possibilità - 05/03/2019 Insieme - 12/03/2019 La notte di Matteo - 19/03/2019 ... Prezzo uscita: € 9,90 Data 1a uscita: 29 Gennaio 2019