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whats YOUR top five? pt 2

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hi again


this time its not about the song it self


its about the music


what's your top five when it comes to the music?


mine is:

1. origin of love

2. touches you

3. overrated

4. oh girl your the devil

5. big girl













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My Top 5 :


1-The remix radio of "Staring at the sun" , which is the version used by MIKA for the video , only available on a Promo CD. "Staring at the sun " is my favorite MIKA' s song because of the lyrics :" And I don't care if it burns my eyes, and I don't care 'cause my love is blind " What else?

2- "Beautiful Disaster" solo version by MIKA , which makes me cry

3-  "Stardust", all the versions

4- "I see You ", which is a wonderful song

5-"Touches You"

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It's very difficiult but mine :


1 Any Other World (wich make me cry)

2 Happy Ending

3 Feels Like Love

4 Staring At The Sun

5 Origin Of Love


and others too :naughty:

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