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  1. Hello Nat, I'm Michel and I'm from Paris , nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC !!
  2. Hi Roselyne, welcome here greatings from France, enjoy MFC
  3. Hi Veronica!! I'm Michel and I live in France, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC!!
  4. Your translator is better than mine, because I did not learn English thus I do not see the errors, I understand better your translation than mine lol It is not important ! We made some good work I think
  5. @Gabry74 you can go to this topic While waiting for the paper version !
  6. You're welcome ! I hope it's correct and you understand well
  7. Here is the translation (If I made mistakes, correct me !) GQ: your clothing style evolved, how would define it you today ? Who changed ? MIKA: my age (he is 33 years old) I find funny to age that opens the field to new styles. But I like the timelessness. What means wearing only of the black or the beige. A garment is timeless when the way of dressing you reflects your personality, tell your story. A multicolored part on David Bowie is as well timeless as one T shirt white and a black pants on Gene kelly. GQ: what is your typical holding on stage? MIKA : I need something who survives the froissage and the perspiration. I like to change silhouette by putting a very tight pants or a jacket in wide shoulders. The spectators must be able to distinguish them by far. I put everything on the silhouette and the color. GQ: you live between Paris, London, Milan, Los Angeles and Miami, what is your typical holding to travel ? MIKA: I feel better when I travel well-dressed. I have unstructured blazers Lanvin which I wear for years, shirts ( Thom Sweeney) and custom-made pants also. It is my uniform of English dandy. That avoids me looking like a creased sheet. GQ: you change to go out? MIKA: I never have time there. Then it is necessarily the mix of what I carried(wore) during the day, a style which I would call accidental. GQ: have you brands idols ? MIKA: I am lucky to collaborate with Valentino and Louboutin. At Valentino Pierpaolo Piccioli is one of the best designers whom I know. I like the elegance of the Belgian creator Walter Van Beirndonck, the magnificent craftsman of the funny and crazy garment. GQ: What is the first garment that you offered yourselves ? MIKA: a suit Kriss Van Asshe. Black with a subtle metallic weaving. I have to save up to buy it. And then one evening I went out and I danced all night long. The next day, the suit had slackened. GQ: jeans or suit ? MIKA: suit because as any good thing the jeans is too usual. GQ: shopping in shop or on-line ? MIKA: shop. My body is strange, I never know what goes to me and the deliveries arrive too early in the morning, that drives crazy to me. GQ: Instagram or Twitter ? MIKA: in an ideal world neither of them. But a message in a bottle. I hope you understand.....
  8. I am going to make it, but my English is not very good, I am going to use a translator and if somebody sees faults, he can obviously correct my translation
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