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  1. its been awhile.....

  2. I still love you all cos yous are my friends! It was a few family problems and I was kind of bored. That's all.
  3. I'm back. Did anybody really notice I was gone for that length if time?
  4. i'm back. did anybody miss me at all?

    1. frenchfan84


      Yeaaaah !!! How are you doing ? Long time no see ! What happened ?

    2. littledevil#222


      Got board and had a few family issues. Everything's cool now. I basically needed a brake from alot of things.

    3. frenchfan84


      Aaaaw I hope everything's ok ;-) welcome back ;-)

  5. i am being ignored again.... sadly by everyone.

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    2. littledevil#222


      In the book of course.... Proof reader/editor.

    3. silver


      That's a nice achievement. I actually used to work as a proofreader for a company publishing correspondence courses.


      If friends don't seem to be talking to you, one strategy is to turn it round to them - say they seem to have been a bit quiet lately and you were wondering if they were OK.

    4. crazyaboutmika


      Hi littledevil, Silver is right, best way to interact with people is to start the chat :) Good luck <3

  6. who knew that reading a simple wattpad story can make you feel so sad and depressed for days.

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    2. littledevil#222


      Especially fanfics...

    3. Guest


      Yup, finally someone who understands me

    4. littledevil#222


      I was thinking the Same thing.

  7. i kind of feel like i am being ignored by everyone.

    1. frenchfan84


      Aaaaw no ... I'm sorry if I haven't answered you but i'm very very busy because of many problems that doesn't seems to end ... I really hope that you wil be stronger than me...

      Talk to you soon <3

    2. littledevil#222


      Not just you who has been ignoring me.

  8. i kind if feel like i am being ignored by everyone

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