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2020 @ Palaflorio Bari, ITALY, 07 Feb REPORTS / PICS / VIDS


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Mika al Palaflorio di Bari: uno spettacolo di musica e colori

Un artista a dir poco eccezionale, un carisma unico:  è Mika, il cantautore e showman libanese che ieri sera si è esibito al Palaflorio di Bari.

Il giorno prima è stato a Sanremo, un festival che lui stesso ha riconosciuto essere una vetrina importante e un momento che unisce l’Italia tutta.

 Mika è stato in giro in Europa con un tour dal titolo Revelation Tour:  Spagna, Francia, Italia, Svizzera, Olanda, Belgio e Lussemburgo.

Il tour italiano promosso da Barley Arts per Mika si è articolato in ben 12 tappe nelle grandi arene di altrettante città, un record per un artista internazionale di grosso calibro.


Un tour per promuovere il nuovo album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”, uscito  per Polydor/Universal Music il 4 ottobre. 13 brani che costituiscono il quinto album in studio del cantautore britannico. Più di due ore di puro spettacolo nel quale l’artista si è mosso continuamente sul palco e senza prendersi attimi di riposo,  ripercorrendo i successi della sua carriera.


Alle spalle di Mika una band di bravi musicisti e in piena sintonia con l’eclettico stile artistico del protagonista che ha indossato un abito giallo con scarpe ginniche, probabilmente indispensabili per le acrobazie che ha riservato. E poi la sorpresa che nessuno si aspettava: è sceso tra il pubblico raggiungendo le gradinate laterali, sino ad arrendersi quando in tanti lo hanno circondato, con non poche preoccupazioni per gli addetti alla sicurezza. Un Mika dalla profonda sensibilità che ha raccontato frammenti della sua vita privata, nel tentativo di lanciare messaggi alla nuova generazione. Con “Grace Kelly” sono volati in aria palloni colorati che hanno creato uno scenario di stupore e meraviglia.  Una bella serata che resterà nei ricordi dei tanti che hanno riempito il palazzetto di Bari.



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Mika at the Palaflorio of Bari: a show of music and colors


An artist to say the least exceptional, a unique charisma: he is Mika, the Lebanese singer-songwriter and showman who performed last night at the Palaflorio of Bari.

The day before he was in Sanremo, a festival that he recognized as an important showcase and a moment that unites all of Italy.

 Mika has been out and about in Europe with a tour entitled Revelation Tour: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Italian tour promoted by Barley Arts for Mika was divided into 12 stages in the large arenas of as many cities, a record for a large-scale international artist.

A tour to promote the new album "My Name Is Michael Holbrook", released for Polydor / Universal Music on October 4th. 13 tracks that make up the fifth studio album by the British singer-songwriter. More than two hours of pure show in which the artist moved continuously on stage and without taking moments of rest, retracing the successes of his career.

Behind Mika a band of good musicians and in full harmony with the eclectic artistic style of the protagonist who wore a yellow dress with gym shoes, probably essential for the stunts he has reserved. And then the surprise that no one expected: he went down into the public reaching the side steps, until he surrendered when many surrounded him, with many concerns for security personnel. A Mika with deep sensitivity who has told fragments of his private life, in an attempt to send messages to the new generation. With "Grace Kelly" colored balloons flew into the air, creating a scenario of wonder and wonder. A beautiful evening that will remain in the memories of the many who filled the Bari building.













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Looks like there is no report yet? So I'll collect some quick thoughts about yesterday's gig.

The queueing was way calmer than I had expected. It's Italy after all. It was sunny during the day, so for once I actually wasn't cold which was really pleasent. However, the doors weren't fun at all. Some people didn't respect the numbers. I couldn't really help explaining since my Italian just isn't enough for that, but locals tried to explain the advantages of the numbers. Still people with really high numbers got in first. 

I still ended up having a really good spot next to lovely other fans I had spend the day with. @Dominika, her friend,  @Mariagrazia and Sally - thank you for the wonderful day! (I hope I tagged the right people :teehee:). 

Since someone on stage :glasses2: had ignored me at some gigs in the past I decided to go 'on strike' yesterday and would not go to the gig for said someone. Instead, I would only enjoy myself and have a good time taking pictures, dancing and singing along or watching silently if I feel like it. It took me several times of repeating 'I'm here for myself and no one else', but eventually I tried not to please anyone that wasn't me. I danced and had fun with the lovely people around me. We were silly together and I probably sang-screamed many wrong notes on different recordings. And I'm not even sorry for it. :teehee:

Someone on stage :glasses2: has a really good feeling for other people's feelings, I'd say. In contrary to other gigs some days ago, I did get eye contact :wub2: and that someone decided to leave the crowd during Big Girl right next to me. Btw to that someone, in case you read this, I'm sorry for not giving you enough space. It was just not possible... (Also I thought the situation was over when I stepped back on my spot, only to notice that there were two long legs that weren't mine - sorry for that too! :aah:).


Mika was singing great! His earlier voice problems seem to have vanished. I wonder how since he had to sing every day. Whatever he did, it worked. I felt he even did a longer part off mic during Happy Ending which was simply great. This is always one of my highlights. During Underwater he now asks people to sing the chorus. But he doesn't ask them as in speaking, he mimes. Usually people understand. Yesterday, though, some didn't. :aah: So while the left side (our side :angel_not:) sang 'underwateeeeer', the right side just screamed. :roftl:


I think it was after Lollipop when Mika stood on the piano and Mitch was playing it I saw him say something to Mitch that I couldn't quite place. Apparently, Mitch didn't understand either, so Mika repeated and a few notes later we knew what he had told him: Good Guys! :wub2: He had done it in Napoli already, but it still feels so special when he sings it. And I love little suprises here and there!


After the gig I rushed outside. And I'm really proud that I didn't forget to buy the shirt my front row-neighbour from Bolzano had me asked for. Then we waited for Mika and thought it wasn't possible he could have left already because there were so many cars right in front of the exit. We had nice little chats while waiting. Back in Bolzano Mika had left so quickly that everybody said goodbye after what felt like five minutes and later I felt so sad because I got used to our aftershow-talks and I missed them. So now in Bari I really enjoyed the overexcited chit-chat we had. My only worry was that I had a nightbus to catch and obviously I wouldn't ask a fan to leave if they might miss a chance to talk to Mika then. So I opted for a taxi, but at this time I would have to preorder it which means the decision of when and how to leave would be even sooner :aah: Exactly at that moment when I felt I needed to decide we saw a typical van doing strange things that got us curious. It drove closer to the building. Behind a bush we saw people getting in the car. Then it left. Shortly afterwards a security guy told us that Mika was in there. We weren't sure if we could believe him. So we waited for some more minutes. Somehow everything felt really empty and quiet, so we decided to leave eventually. It would have been nice if he had waved from behind that bush (if it was the moment when he left). But he has four gigs in four days now, so I can understand if his only thought after a gig is 'SLEEP!!!' too. 


I've got three more gigs to go of this tour. And after the one in Bari I feel like I'll be sad after Strasbourg. I wasn't sure before, but now I can even sing along to the support act's songs and everything feels like it could continue forever. But! I'm still not completely sure of what to think a certain person's :glasses2: on-stage-behaviour towards some people in the crowd. So it's good to have three more gigs to find that out.

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10 minutes ago, Statue_of_Liberty said:

Also I thought the situation was over when I stepped back on my spot, only to notice that there were two long legs that weren't mine - sorry for that too! :aah:).


:lmao: :lmao:

And I can very much relate to your experience of getting more if you expect less, but just have fun... he seems to sense it. :teehee: But it's the best idea anyway to attend the gig only for yourself and enjoy yourself, no matter what he does up there. The music is fab in any case. :wub2: 

Thanks for your report! :flowers2:

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Mika è uno spettacolo incredibile. Ci vorrebbe un suo live almeno una volta al mese.


Ieri Mika si è esibito al Palaflorio di Bari per il suo Revelation Tour 2020.

Sin dall’inizio ha regalato emozioni uniche, dall’allegria all’amore sino alla lotta contro la gelosia. L’artista è stato imprevedibile mostrando grande gioia di esserci.

Il momento più esilarante è stato quando è sceso nel parterre per abbracciare tutti i propri fan, uno ad uno, mentre cantava Big Girl.


È passato dalle battutine scherzose ai piccoli racconti intesi come quello riguardo la madre.

Uno spettacolo del genere andrebbe vissuto ogni mese perchè ti regala la gioia di vivere e di sognare.


Questa è la scaletta della serata:


Ice Cream
Dear Jealousy
Relax (Take It Easy)
Origin of Love
Platform Ballerinas
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
Tiny Love
Domani (Tomorrow)
Elle Me Dit
Happy Ending
Love Today
We Are Golden

Grace Kelly
Tiny Love (Reprise) / Stay High



2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (2).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (3).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (4).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (5).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (6).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (7).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (8).jpg

2020-palaflorio-bari-italy-07-feb (9).jpg

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Finally have some time to write something sensible :naughty: I went to Bari unexpectedly. Long time I was thinking to go but decided to do it short before the event. I went there with my friend who isn't Mika fan (she didn't become one after all - ALIEN :loco::lmfao:) Queuing was suprisingly pleasent. There was just a little mess when we have to devide numbers in two queues because two gates were going to be open. That moment was stressful because I dind't understand what Italians were saying and some were screaming. We spent most of the day with lovely @Statue_of_Liberty and one Polish fan who lived in Italy. After a gig I found another Polish fan who was there. I getting suprised more and more that Polish Mika fans exist and appear from time to time :cheerful_h4h: When we got into the stadium we found a very good places close the stage and my excitement was growing. I saw all the stuff from the set for the first time and it was amazing :wub: Mika was fabulous as always, I caught his attention a couple of times. Once particulary, when I show a poster "Sending Tiny Love from Poland", he read it, looked at me and nocked his head (I think that message is delivered :lol3:). He was also passing by me while Big Girl and stepped on my foot (he wasn't that heavy :lol3:). Unfortunately (yeey me! :sneaky2:) by accident turned off my camera and I didn't record it :crybaby: What a surpirse when Mika sang Good Guys, wish he sings more songs from NPIH. I think in general Mika was pleased by the audience even though concert wasn't sold out. He was talking a lot and just having fun. After the gig we've been waiting for him of course but finally he didn't appear. I had such wonderful night that I wasn't dissapointed that he didn't go out to us. Try to stay on Mika cloud as long as possible :cloud:

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