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" Everybody's Talkin' " cover by Mika


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Hi Guys,


just wanted to let the fan club know that i've posted yesterday 5 songs by Mika on youtube.com taken from "The Extra Venue Exclusive Live Performance".


One of them song is an exceptional cover by Mika of " Everybody's Talkin' " !!!


Check it out here :

Everybody's talkin' by Harry Nelson's (1969's Midnight Cowboy's movie theme song)



Note: Harry Nilson also wrote the famous song "I can't live without you" covered by Mariah Carey


4 more songs (live) taken also from this special tv show with Mika :



Enjoy !!!! they're all full length with just Mika and his piano. they're now exclusive on youtube.


Mika is becoming a star in France (he speaks fluent french) and spent most of his youth in Paris.


He appeared 2 weeks ago on the famous french daily TV show "Le grand Journal" (his song Relax has been the tv show's theme music for over 2 months) and was invited while Jane Birkin (Serge Gainsbourg's english ex-wife) was on set too.


Mika said he was a great fan of her (she's also a singer) and mentioned his mother has the exact same english accent as hers when speaking french (after over 30 years spent in France, Jane Birkin is always laughed at since she speaks with just ok french grammar and kept a terrible english accent after all those years).




Mika said while he spent his youth in France, his mother often called restaurants for reservation and was treated like a star because hosts would think over the phone it was Jane Birkin talking !.. :wink2: Mika has a great sense of humour and is really easy going on tv for a 23 year-old.


He also explained the true meaning of "Grace Kelly" song as he got rejected from so many record companies, asking him to make more commercial songs, more "robbie william" kinda songs, hence "i can be brown, i can be blue, etc ..." meaning they asked him to become someone he wasn't. and since he's a control-freak, he prefered to wait 2 years until signing a contract that suited his wishes.


I've also posted on youtube Mika's appearance on this tv show. You may watch it here :



He also talked about his experience as an opera singer (after singing lessons with a russian teacher) and his youth spent traveling back and forth between Paris and London.


Note: The live songs videos were legally copied from Yahoo France Music Videos (free broadcast)

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Thankyou for this. I can't speak a word of French so thankyou for your translation. I do believe that this is probably the most talking that Mika has done in any televised interview I have seen (and he had to talk in French!) Blimey that was weird when you are used to him speaking English, I wonder what language he thinks in?

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Superb:wink2: Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was so weird to see Mika speaking in french. So different:wub2: I just love My interpretation:thumb_yello:

That's a good point. I also wonder in what language does he think:blink: Still guess in English.

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Just listened to them all.... Mika and the piano... amazing.... the more I hear and read about him the more I realise the huge impact and positive influence he is going to have on the music industry and people who are forced into being something they are not. So creative and talented. Thank our lucky stars he waited for a decent contact.

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i have been a mika fan along time now.. way before he got famous...and the more i find out about him the more he inspires me..he is an amazing singer,pianist,and artist from what i can gather.....he is pure talent!! my fave song atm is lollypop! and his new album which was out yesterday was amazing

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