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Young Mika fan!

Maria luvs Mika

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Hey everyone! I'm one of the newer Mika fans. I first heard of Mika when I was home sick from school last Wednesday and I was watching MTV's first look. Or atleast I think that's what it was. Anyway, I was sitting on my couch coughing and all of a sudden this really cool video came on the screen. There was this who I thought was a really hot guy with awesome hair sitting at a piano and a little girl was sitting on top of it. He said "I wanna talk to you." and he had me. From then on I was a devoted Mika fan. After I watched the amazing video I immediatly went on my computer and found all the things I could on Mika. I found his myspace, some fan pages, and on the way I found this site. It's totally awesome & I'm definately gonna b here a lot. I think Mika has an AMAZING voice & he's also pretty good looking. :wink2: If only he was a little younger. haha. But he has an amazing talent & I'm so happy I found out about him. Thank u MTV. lol. :punk:



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