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Sending you hellos and good wishes :wink2: from this awfully cold Estonia. But since I've caught a cold I get to stay home and listen to Mika all day long (literally:thumb_yello: and loving it ).

It was almost a week ago. I was away from the tv and suddenly i heard a tune, a song that i just HAD TO get my eye on too, so there it was - Grace Kelly with all its glory. And I got really curios about this Mika...what's he about...so I found his website, some videos, other songs, pics, interviews - good stuff. And he's already inspired me a lot, really..a lot...what a personality..

Anyways, I've been a fan ever since and I ain't planning on giving up on it.




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Wooh hoo! Welcome my fellow Estonian girl!:punk: Ma olen ka Eestist:naughty: Nii tore on näha, et siin ikka leidub inimesi, kes ka Mikat arrrmastavad. Mõned pole isegi ta nime kuulnud:boxed: Kas sul ta album juba on?:wink2: Ise otsisin terve Tartu läbi ja mulle vaadati lihtsalt imeliku näoga otsa ja paluti nime korrata:shocked: Nice to have you here!!:bleh:

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Oii kui tore:) ma ei teagi kedagi teist, kes Mikast üldse kuulnudki oleks. Aga originaalplaati mul kahjuks veel ei ole.. märtsis peaks ma väga loodan vast ilmuma. Ja lood olen ma saanud internetist, kuid sellega ma ei lepi:P ma pean päris plaadi ka saama.

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