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Hello lollipop lovers everywhere!


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Hi everyone - my first post. I'm probably not your average Mika fan as I'm somewhat older than he is (let's just leave it at that!), married with two children, and I work in a primary school. We're ALL Mika mad musicians in our family.


The first time I heard Mika was lying in the bath one Saturday morning months ago (late August or September), listening to Jonathan Ross I think, when Grace Kelly came on. I just couldn't ignore something that original, talented and happy!


Ever since I've been saying "Just you wait..." to anyone and everyone. How fantastic that I can now say "Told you so!"


I've spent the last few months trawling the net for any downloads I could find, so we already knew over half the tracks on the album when we bought it on Monday.


Couldn't believe my luck last week when I won a t-mobile competition to go to the Berkley Square gig. Took hubbie as my +1 and we were right at the very front so had the most amazing view (if not sound - but I didn't care). Absolutely amazing. Couldn't believe just how polished, professional and fresh his stage presence is, for someone who's only just broken through.


Time, methinks, to get more serious with the piano practice. I'd love to be able to reproduce GK like his acoustic performances. But it's probably been too long and I'm too rusty these days (*sigh*).


Off to see him again at Birmingham Barfly on Feb 23rd. Pity the gigs all have a minimum age - the kids are fuming with jealousy!!


Hope the ramble isn't too long - I'm not always this wordy!


Nice to join the happy gang.

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Hi Gill,


I too am married with 2 kids and we all love Mika! I think he appeals to everybody! I am a massive music fan, but it's a long time since I have been this excited about an artist, I really think Mika is going to be huge.


Good luck with the piano btw :wink2:



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Welcome Gill.


If you are totally mad about Mika, then this is the only place to be!


You are so lucky to have won the T-mobile tickets. Lots of us entered and not many won (me included, boo hoo......)


There are a surprising number of us older fans here, but age is no barrier to taste. I'm also married with 2 children and I used to be a teacher in a previous life, so you're not alone.


I think that you're going to love it here!

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