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Mika on french radio Europe1


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ok !!! i try to translate you the meaning of the interview. However my english is quite bad so it's not gonna be a piece of cake ^__^

1st part of the interview

first he talks about grace kelly and the sory behind the song (about record companies who would'nt want to hire him)

he says that he is a singer song writer and because of that people think he shouldn't make an album with crazy and funny songs.

he says that big girls is an anthem for the butterfly lounge

then he talks about billy brown who has an identity problem which is gonna change his whole life


the journalist says that his universe is very particular. Then he talks about his biography (beyrout, paris, london)

french was his first language (!!!)

the journalist says that the color and the happiness of mika's music hides problems : it's a way for mika to express himself

mika says that he wasn't the favourite of teachers.

He started working in music at 11 in a Strauss opera, then he made adverts

He is dislexic so it was a remedy for him to write music.

people could pay him ( 1pound or 1 euro) if he sang whereas they would smash him in the face if he told the same things normally


his lyrics are quite dark , so there's a contrast between his sound and his lyrics


then there is lily allen :mf_lustslow:


then second part


journalist => la vie en dessin animé would be the translation of the album. His visual and musical universe is amazing, a french guy who would want to imite mika would be ridiculous. Says that there's a gay culture everywhere : queen, abba there are clins d'oeil ( eye blinks :S)


mika=> culture cain (??) theatric culture would be "cabotin" , far more than gay culture. Pop music is like circus like a good remedy and a good way to escape . All the positive songs are in the album the only negative song is hidden at the end of the album... as the end of a feast melancholy


journalist => how could you mix sounds that normally don't go together


mika => it's because of the way i swallow music , i listened to loads of artists ( reggae, baez etc etc )

i'm not snob towards music at all . When started classical music i didn't stop loving pop. i can listen to stravinsky and abba at the same time.

i first write the song with my piano then production is after, the melody is already written before.

i'm not defined by my sound but by my songs. Because of that can use rock and classical guitarist in the same album. Everything is mixed !


journalist => your producer is a guy that worked with loads of persons (pussycat dollas, rufus W ...)


mika => he made from trashy pop to hard rock. he mixes wainwright, pussycat dolls. my producer and me are a perfect combinaison.I want a whiskey.



OMG !!! he is the 4 of april in le nouveau casino !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first appearance in france !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and two days after my birthday !!!!


mika => i want a whiskey

i'm gonna sing love today


mika => sings love today with his piano


journalist => it's really hard to sing like that... you miust have a lot of energy!


mika => yeah but the next album it's over it's gonna be far easier for me (!!!)

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I was like omg how could I miss that? :shocked: lol

but here it says that the link has expired...

Sorry! I made a "Mika has a girlfriend" bump without knowing it! :naughty:


Yeah! I missed that too! Thanks to Arcenciel, we have the interview!

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