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...yeah! What she said! (in the previous post)


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AHHH, I love Mika! You know what? My story of discovering that wonderful man is actually pretty ironic. People always tell me that, "Sleep is good," or, "Rosanna, if you don't start sleeping more often, we'll have to do an intervention." Well, yes, I don't sleep as much as I should... so what?! This time, my insomnia actually helped me discover one of my favorite artists that ever lived (yeah, Mika). I was up at about 4:30 in the morning (hadn't gone to bed yet, and it was a school night, mind you) with MTV on because they ACTUALLY play music videos at that time. "Grace Kelly" had just come on and I was interested because I'd never heard of the song, or its performer, before. I fell in love! That song was just so catchy that I ended up having to research more about him. I needed to find out where to get it and if he had any songs. On his website I heard a few clips from his album and I knew that this man was extremely talented. What a babe, too! :mf_lustslow: When I heard "Love Today" I was so surprised too because on MTV commercials they use that song and I hadn't been able to find out who it was until I heard it on the album. I subconsciously was in love with him, haha. :blush-anim-cl: I have Grace Kelly as my ringtone and I sing his songs every single day. I'm actually recruiting lots of fans (including my best friend, Alyssa - MikaMyLoveexx). I'm just so happy I found him and an awesome group like this! You guys are just as obsessed as I am! KUDOS! Within a matter of a few weeks this man has changed my life and I'm definitely agreeing with Alyssa when she said in her post that only The Beatles can surpass a man of this caliber. *swoon!*


Thanks again guys, I'm so excited for being a part of this group. I can't wait to learn more about him and the people who also love him, as well!



Peace and love<3

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