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Voice - Talking Who? - Happy Ending


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Mika may also have mentioned in an interview but this was in the Sunday Herald article,

"Bohemian Rhapsody":



Any Other World has a spoken word introduction in which a family friend tells the story of losing an eye during the Lebanese civil war. "You can take a serious idea and paint it in primary colours and make it really approachable," says Mika. "That gives what you want to say so much power."




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At the end of Any other world I thought the woman says

"I never ever I forget my story

my face is no sad but inside(?) I am sad

only I didn't realize it was the same woman Mika mentioned before. In the

popworld interview he said the older women in the Grace Kelly video were

family friends that hang around their house- one is Bella and the other is

Raffa(?) .Raffa is Lebanese and lost an eye during the war.



I was going to ask about this and you answered my question:)

A beautiful song and a very sad story:(


Shall be looking for Raffa in the Grace Kelly video now!

I wonder if she ever got married.

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