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Simon told MIKA "Not to Bother!"


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Simon Cowell once told new UK pop sensation Mika "not to bother" with a career in music.


The singer, born Mika Penniman, has been hailed as the new Freddie Mercury and is expected to top the British singles chart this week with debut single, Grace Kelly.


The 23-year-old recalls: "I managed to get a demo to him before he became a household name. He hadn't done any of the Pop Idol stuff.


"When I walked in and played my song, he said: 'You've got a good voice but your songwriting… you may as well not bother.'"


Despite the knockback, Mika did not give up on his pop dreams, and instead has used the put-down to spur him on.


He says: "Honesty is a good policy. That's how you've got to survive. Rub your hands together and start again."

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I think this sums up the 'management' within the UK music scene for the past 5-10 years. Why publish some independent minded artist when you can pull the strings of a desperate 18 year old wannabe who's never had a music lesson in his/her life?


If I were a music exec and had Mika in a room with me I'd have locked the doors until he signed a contact!


Lets just hope Mika lasts lot longer than these one or two album 'pop idol' wonders - and I hope the record company continues to give him the artistic freedom and time required to produce the great music he is capable of.

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