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2007 - Mika at The Box, NYC, 22 Jan 07

Cautionary Wife

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I don't think I have seen this on here.








Mika takes Manhattan

January 26, 2007


Monday was a busy night. First stop was to The Box for a private/label showcase with English pop sensation Mika, who is perhaps the most ridiculous person we encountered all week. If you can, picture the Scissor Sisters nu-disco sound, but with no self awareness whatsoever. Add flowing blonde hair, a ruffled tuxedo shirt and ball tingling falsetto, and you have Mika. After 2 songs, we were left completely speechless, but the rest of the crowd was dancing and singing along and having a blast, so who the hell knows. Someday we'll see a youtube video of him singing a duet with Clay Aiken on the Today show and not be surprised in the slightest.



Mika @ The Box, NYC | Jan. 22, 2007 | 3 lovely pics


It was an invite-only showcase, but they (Universal?) must have invited everyone they ever met because the place was PACKED - not exactly the positive experience I had in the same venue when Queens of The Stone Age played there.


Luckily it wasn't too long before Mika and band took the stage, and I managed to find a somewhat comfortable spot. Three-and-a-half songs in, curiosity satisfied, I left. Maybe I should have at least held out for the gift bag.


Pictures Brooklyn Vegan





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Well - personally I can't see any reason why anyone could or would give Mika a bad review... I can related to the 'cute puppy' analogy ... and have steered clear on here of some of the mean stuff I've seen - Drowned In Sound (YUCK), The Guardian and Observer. Brian May even leapt to Mika's defence over Anthony Petridis attempted artistic assassination last week.


Whatever the Americans could meet out, couldn't match the gall of some poprtions of our glorious British Press... happily mostly loving Mika.




I'd like to think that everyone loved Mika, but they won't.

It's their loss.

Ridiculous! How dare they. Not self aware, so what?

He is like a big adorable lolloppy puppy, what's wrong with these people???:boxing:

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OMG! :jawdrop: I'm so mad at those people. Reading things like that just kill me. I would say it's ignorance, but they actually went to see the show, so that wouldn't be the right word to use... at a loss for the right one, I must say that as much as they were bashing him, they couldn't even get his hair color right and they even said that everyone else was having a great time. They're just jealous of his amazingnessssss! :bleh:

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:bow: @Marina @guylainem123 Thanks a lot !!


I couldn't found "Report, Pics" thread about this gig.:dunno:








4 Pics













:teehee: Mika talked about this gig and The Box in last year(2009).


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