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  1. Just heard "Any Other World" at the supermarket and the purchase has been very pleasant
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ6f5A5lAaf/ mikainstagram My brother Fortuné and I yesterday evening. I Love Beirut was a concert in aid of Lebanon and a declaration of my love for this city and this country that I left at the age of one and a half. "I Love Lebanon" is what I want to say after receiving today the Lebanese National Order of Merit - Silver Palm. Today I think of my Lebanese grandmother, my mother, my aunts, my family, who brought the Lebanese soul to my life at home, in Paris, in London, everywhere I lived. Citizen of this uprooted world, Leb
  3. Hello Nina and welcome to the MFC. Never late to know about Mika. It's said, better late than never To find your way in this forum, take a look at this thread: Enjoy your stay here!!
  4. mikainstagram Hung out, had a chat and made music with @loudoillon for her show tonight on @rtl2officiel such a talented artist and a brilliant conversationalist, a lost skill now a days. We even sang a #joanbaez song Diamonds and Rust. A belated happy birthday to Joan who turned 80 yesterday!! ❤️🌈❤️ She is a music hero of mine. Tonight at 19:00 France _____________________ Merci @loudoillon de l’invitation et de l’échange. Moment magique à Paris à vivre ce soir à 19h sur @RTL2.
  5. Mika IG story 88897129_1545425192335463_6285645103078906529_n.mp4
  6. Mika IG story 88897129_1545425192335463_6285645103078906529_n.mp4
  7. Mika stories 88690225_2727808937484348_852005149904425545_n.mp4 98918461_2922440361412951_8688100442842226119_n.mp4
  8. Mika: We know how much you guys enjoyed this performance from the I ❤️ Beirut concert and so we decided to release it today... He's right. He knows us very well
  9. Ciao Clelia and welcome to the MFC Glad you finally decided to join us. Hope you have a lot of fun here!
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgiHbeF3ZV/?igshid=wasmz70134bw A little New Year's Day treat from @dannapaola and I. Our interpretation of the @realroxette classic. We know how much you guys enjoyed this performance from the I ❤ Beirut concert and so we decided to release it today along with a live version of my duet with Danna #memyself . Both performances are available to watch on youtube and you can stream them on all platforms as of now! Xx 134908280_888784831864594_7074323496832823913_n.mp4
  11. More Mika IG stories 102154806_713180489338805_1276450210624581301_n.mp4 74650454_3543987382303112_6112593853504575168_n.mp4
  12. Mika IG stories 73908300_433853891081146_209366281175922428_n.mp4 54863749_851074502135517_6183854618719813638_n.mp4 73422706_2717821958532408_5569475155746046545_n.mp4 74077391_228520652181660_8986807621683497949_n (1).mp4 72903500_203631391491417_211325656852988321_n.mp4
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