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  1. Ae we sure is it him or his italian team who posted this?
  2. PrimerBeat Producción Page Liked · 23 hrs · El mundo siempre se ve más brillante detrás de una sonrisa 😄 Entradas para MIKA -> http://bit.ly/mikaprimerbeat #YoMeQuedoEnCasa #FrenarLaCurva #Coliseum #ACoruña — at Coliseum da Coruña.
  3. Maybe the show does know why he didn't connect, but he didn't have to tell others why. Anyway, I'm not worried about any of that. When he has the need, he will say something.
  4. It must be stressful that thousands of people pressure you to say on social networks if you are right, wrong, what you are doing and where. When he needs to talk to us, he will do it, I'm sure.So I'm not worried.
  5. Im listening Live Your life right now on the radio
  6. Hello @Anaïs_ and welcome! Hope you have a lot of fun here. If you have any question just have to ask. Take a look at this thread to know how the forum works:
  7. Hello @Anaïs_ and welcome to the MFC. To know how the forum works you can take a look at this thread
  8. Mika en Galicia - 30 Julio PrimerBeat Producción 24 minutes ago · A Coruña · Como nos canta MIKA en su 'Staring at the Sun', mientras aún quede luz, cantaremos esta canción para ti 💖😉 Juntos recordaremos para siempre el 30 de julio en el #Coliseum de #ACoruña Tus entradas te esperan en http://bit.ly/mikaprimerbeat As MIKA sings to us in his 'Staring at the Sun', while there is still light, we will sing this song for you 💖😉 Together we will remember forever July 30 at the #Coliseum in # ACoruña
  9. I remember you. Welcome back!! Those were old good times.
  10. Are you Natacha the grey undies threads girl?
  11. Hello @holliemgb and welcome back. I'm sure you will see some changes but you'll have fun. Enjoy this place again!!
  12. 1fe9b760-1d6d-4c70-a475-cf5d69db98a2.mp4
  13. Fantastic view. The best. It looks like a movie set. Lucky guy.