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  1. I expected to see the Peugeot ad in Spain and I'm still waiting, so I'm sure I won't see this one on my TV.
  2. Mikainstagram IG stories 77337460_791017751462519_5363060310368327460_n (1).mp4
  3. A few days ago my signature pics disappeared and I don't know why
  4. I have noone favorite. All the songs, performances and andexperiences were amazing. It was a magical and touching gig.
  5. The performance of Danna and Mika from "I Love Beirut" it's running on youtube
  6. mikainstagram IG story 75651230_604477820228578_3378272832875841392_n.mp4
  7. En la parte superior derecha de la página vuelve a funcionar el chat por si alguna está interesada
  8. Ohhh @giraffeandyI love your profile pic. Did you draw it?

    1. giraffeandy


      Thank you! Yeah, I've finished it yesterday, it's my first project I've done on my new graphic tablet, it took me 4 days... :sweatdrop: But I had a lot of fun doing it. :biggrin2:

    2. Mikasister
  9. It was amazing. It made me realize once again that Mika's voice fits pefectly into a ballad
  10. 119810658_353097449172513_985811980505874741_n.thumb.jpg.0d71b569310d9bac959421a588b5c778.jpg

    1. silver


      I just loved the way that curl tumbled over his forehead

    2. A. Clay
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