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Glitch On "life In Cartoon Motion!!!!


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I think her words at the end of Relax are to prepare for 'any other world' and she says that her 'husband to be' falls in love with another woman, then a bomb explodes near her balcony and she loses an eye, not sure but am thinking it is about real loss, that poor woman loses her world, then she speaks again at the end about how 'her face is not sad but sometimes she is sad'. So i suppose it is about real loss, coping, faking it to get by and the journey to come to terms(smile like i mean it and ......let go....).... Mika is not a shallow man me thinks!


And just as you are feeling real miserable on comes Billy Brown, totally chirpy song with tounge in cheek lyrics. Love it !:thumb_yello:

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Relax so I have read is about the 7/7 bombings-being on a train etc.. so the piece where the lady-Raffa who is Lebonese! tells her story about being invoved in war is very appropriate and adds meaning to a very thoughful song which is what most of what Mika is about.

He is a person who as far as I can tell writes about things that have happened or would like to happen and thats why everyone loves him. He is multi dimensional

and not just the see through run of the mill manufactured pop star we normally have in the UK charts.

I would like to say Happy Valentine`s Day Mika!-( where ever you are )you are my breath of fresh air.



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