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Hey ;D


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My name is Emily and I have an account over at Mika's official forums (same user name) so I thought....why not join here. ;D

So....how did I hear about Mika you ask?

I don't feel like typing it again so I'll just copy and paste.


Let's see...

I heard of him on UK's iTunes. Since the music here in the US can get soo repetitive and boring. For a long time all the songs on the radio started sounding the same. (Same lyrics, same beat, same vocals, etc.)

So I decided to check out some of the songs people listen to in other countries.

I went to the UK's store and saw Grace Kelly at #1 on the Top Songs list and decided to just...see if it was any good or not.

Well about 5 seconds into the 30 second sample of Mika's hit Grace Kelly I was simply...speachless!

The song was perfect in every way!

So I downloaded it and just took every chance I could to listen to it.

After a while I was thinking "There's gotta be more awsome music like this by Mika."

So I looked up his website and....

I'm sure the rest of you guys know what's next.


And yup. That's my story. Hope it's not to long for you guys. :wink2:


On another note, awww. We can't have pictures for signitures? That's to bad.

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A slipperly slope decending into obsession! I wonder when the self-help groups will start up... :wink2:


Ha! I don't know what you're talking about! Obsession? Nonsence. It's more like.....can't get enough of.

Hmmm....yeah. I guess obsession fits. :naughty:


Yep wont be long !!!! , 600 posts later!!!!

So you're saying once I have 600 posts I could have a picture for a sig?

Aw man.

I'm just kinda upset because I made this awsome sig that I was gonna use here. I was surprised I made it!. ARG! Oh well.

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