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Just Found Footage Of Mika......


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  • 2 weeks later...

here's the new genius of music : Mika !!



* relax take it easy*


the story of mika is incredible. those who watch us know this music well (relax) because since 15 days it is the jingle of the emission ... We never received so much mails of persons who wondered what this music was.


So where does mika come from ? From beirouth


mika => yeah I'm lebanese and american


the girl=> just like a hippie ! So mika stopped school very early because he was a marginal and started taking singing lessons with a very strict russian teacher but that served him well because then he was in an opera.


You also made advertisements in england for chewing gum


mika => yeah i did opera and advertisements


the girl => and when you were eleven you went to music compagnies to sell your music on your mother's back...that's not good !! he was a precoce kid


The first album's name is "life in cartoon motion"


you sent tape demos to record compagnies and everybody wanted to hire you...


mika => no !! for a long time nobody would hire me because everybody told me my songs were weird !


the girl => it's not weird ! let's listen to relax, a song that we know well and then you tell us if it's weird!




the girl => what is weird in that ? Is it because of your voice ?


mika => It's because of the way i sing but also because wanted control that's why it made me a lot of time to find a record company that would help me and give me control


you want to be totally independant ?


mika => yes I like controlling things it's a problem . I co-produced the album


the girl => you control your voice well , as everybody's comparing you to freddie mercury


mika => it's hard because he's a genius and there's lot of pression but it's an honor... And thanks to you I saw that relax is now number 3

it's completely thanks to you ! it's amazing !!


the guy => jane told us of her bag , and her name was given to the bag ( a bag made by hermes nota bene : it's jane birkin the girl sitting next to mika !)

And there's also a bag "kelly" because of grace kelly...

and the title of a song of yours is "gracekelly"


mika => exactly ! when I entered i told my sister : oh did you see that bag ?

Oh yeah i've got a song which is grace kelly



the guy => it was your grand mother's idol


mika => exactly ! and i was working with a record company in london and two years ago they heard my demos they told me "yeah you're great but in order to make records you have to write songs just like anybody else ... So why can't you write songs just like robbie williams or just like..." I don't know you know the artists that were successful at this time , like craig david

that happened a lot of times, so I decided to write a song like a message like a revenge ... And i said you want me to be like craig david, but i'm gonna be like grace kelly instead ... Do you still want to give me a contract ? They never called me back ...


So 2 years later It's me who is making fun of them !!!


the girl => let's here an extract !


*grace kelly*


the guy => so here is an extract of mika's first album ... So you like stage and making movies ...


mika => yeah all my friends are in the video ! there is my mother !!


the guy => oh and is it true that your mother has the same voice as Jane birkin ?


mika => yeah that's right ! I sent her a texto, I told her you'll never believe what's happening !

[then he talks to jane birkin]

that's because i lived in paris for 8 years and as my mother as the same accent as you , when we called a restaurant in order to book we always had the best table because everybody thought that it was you !


the guy => jane , how do you find this music ?


jane birkin => that makes me happy ! it makes me smile ! it makes all nervosity disappear which is a great thing !


before a chirurgical operation, patients should listen to your music !! mika is a remedy !!




the end !!!!!!!



i hope that i didn't make too much mistakes !! please tell me if you don't understand something !!

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