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Hi folks


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Hi there,


Never really know what to say on these intro things but here goes.


OK, erm, first spotting of Mika is a good a place as any. The music channel on the freeview was playing away to itself quietly while I was working. I happened to glance up and see who I thought was the lead singer from a band I like. He has a distinctive appearance. Tall, thin and dark curly hair. You can see why I was mistaken! Anyhow I turned up the volume and that was it. Three minutes later I had to know who this was, where he came from and what he was about.


That's about it really, oh, I'm going to the Leeds Uni gig in May and am very,very excited about it.


Looking forward to chatting to you all.



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I like my new home. Been watching the excellent video clips so I've not posted much as yet.


Story of my name: A cop in Murder City called a suspect a discobiscuit, and I just thought it was funny. However since then, I've found out it was the street name for a hallucinogenic drug from the 70's/80's. Oops.

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