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just thought of something that made me chuckle


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So we know Grace Kelly will be knocked off the no 1 spot on Sunday, probably by the Kaiser Chiefs...(although they have also overplayed Ruby, esp on radio 1) but let's say Ruby replaces Grace \Kelly...


Let's assume that Ruby stays No 1 for 4 weeks (although I can't see this because I think it had too much airtime already)


Let's say that Take That will therefore stay on no2 just as Just Jack did and that it will not reach the top...


Let's hope that Mika is ready to release the Love Today as a download within the next 4 weeks, with the video ready to get airtime...


That would give Ruby 4 weeks at the top spot just to be knocked off again ....by Mika...


How funny would that be? It would become a personal vendetta...


Maybe then, if it would reach no 1 through downloads only, they would bring the actual cd release date forward and that would leave him there for another 4/5 weeks


mmmhmm, interesting thought, nes pas?:wink2::thumb_yello:

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Guest alwq2002
Mika and the Kaiser Chiefs were performing in the same program I saw in France tonight. I wonder how things were happening backstage...


I think both simply dry up!

:punk: Mika wont fight, he will be top 1 anyway!:punk:

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it did take some working out ...but it would be ever so strange it it would really happen like that....I could make a job out of predicting ....maybe this would be one way of working for Mika..seeing all his concerts and ....


what a lovely thought!!!

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