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Hello From France


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Hi everyone. I'm Steve and I come from France. I discovered Mika thanks to The Taratata Show (a famous music show in France) Mika performed several songs and I've just amazed by this new talent of music. I bought his album and I can confess I love his music. He's awesome and very incredible. His voice is powerful and amazing. Moreover he's a great singer songwriter and an excellent musician. I wish him a big success ! :punk:

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Bonjour Steve! My French isn't very good I'm afraid. I have GCSE French and I have to say, if I have one regret about my choices for AS level, it's not taking French. I couldn't take it though as I need my 4 subjects for my chosen degree. Anyway....Bonjour Steve. J'espere que vous vous amusez ici! (if my French is that bad..I'm trying to say I hope that you have fun here!)

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