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Hello Hello!!


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Lana here, hailing from the GTA in Canada...


anyone here from the T.O area?


Edit* I heard about Mika on the radio CHUM fm.. which lets you look up a song you hear on their website using a time stamp.. so anyway I kept hearing this nutty song.. and I wanted to download it.. so i finally go around to it and it turned around to be Mika.. spawned an obsession ever since.. its been about 6 weeks or so.. its only escalated in the last few weeks though lol...

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aww you guys are all so friendly.. what a nice board!


Im a member of livedaily.. and I gotta say.. we aren't as friendly over there haha so i love this!


must have somethin to do with mika and his cheery music :) lollipops... honestly who doesnt love that kinda song?

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