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nice to be here


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Hello to everyone!:wink2: I'm the new point on the map of Mika popularity

At last i'm writing here! Nice to be here, among people who share my attitude to this phenomena named MIKA!

Oh, how much i LOVE HIM: music, voice, mood, spirit!!!!!!!!! He is so charismatic!! so unique! so,so... ha, you know it yourself how wonderful and talented he is!

I'd never thought it could happen with me again... but i fell in love with his as a teen!:punk:


At first i heard him on the radio. He impressed me much but when i saw "GK" video on MTV went insane at once. Now i'm felling extrimely obsessed by his creativity and person! it looks like paranoia but i get indescribable enjoyment of it:thumb_yello:


I think you'll be pleasant to know that Mika is huge popular here, in Russia.:woot_jump: His songs are everywhere: hot rotated on the radio, on TV, in advertisments as backgraund, in mobiles as ringtones. You can hear him wherever you go! Hope, someday he'll visit as with his show:wub2:

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:wink2: welcome!:wink2:


Yes the Mika magic is spreading fast, great to learn that he is seeding in Russia too, we would love to hear or see some pictures from your magazines or shows , maybe you would like to share these with us?:thumb_yello:

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Ты замечательно написала о Мике!

Не пора ли нам начать "русскую нитку"?


Wonderful words about Mika!

Ain't it time we started a Russian thread?

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