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Show us what you got!!!


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Let's see our faces!


I have attached my foto!


Attach and yours!!!


My name is Pavel Penev.... I'm 19 y.o.... am living in Sofia, Bulgaria..

I'm studing for cameraman, here in our National Academy of Theater and Film Arts....

I'm listening very different styles of music, but definitely Mika is someone who I was waiting on the world-scene....



I recommend you to hear the best Bulgarian BritPop Band... it's called OSTAVA.... I love this band too... the texts (which you cant understand, i guess) are very strong and beautiful... in the end of this year they will produce their new album, which is full of songs in english.... for now you can hear Ponedelnik (it means Monday) here - http://www.vbox7.com/play:51f44c8e





p.s. sorry for my english



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I'm surprised to understand that there are no a lot of boys in the forum....


So... i'm happy:roll1: it's fine :naughty:


can someone tell me (give me) the link to the pic thread in the forum.... i want to see our comunity...

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