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Help needed please - I'm running out of time!


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Im not sure about a top concert on tv

i will look in the tv guide just to make sure


But i do know it is the premier viewing on channel four of Mika's new Love today video on Saturday if that helps at all

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I was looking in the TV listings over the weekend and Transmission on Ch4 doesn't only have Mika on it. Now last year when the T Mobile gigs were shown on TV it was the one artist for the whole show, this has Joss Stone, Maximo Park, Mark Ronson, The Twang, Bright Eyes, Peaches Geldof and Mika and it's only on for an hour.

I don't think this will show the whole gig from Berkely Square, I have a feeling that that will be shown at a later date, as the only other T Mobile Street gig I know of was The View at Edinburgh Castle, they haven't sent out any more invites to Street Gigs yet that I know of, 'cause I signed up to the Street Gigs site and it tells you when the next one is on.

Sorry about rambling on, I just don't want anyone to be disappointed if they only show clips from the gig, when you are expecting the whole thing.

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Yay!!! I didn't know about this! I'm not gonna miss this one cos it's on a friday and i dont have to get up early the next morning! (ohhh actualy i do! To watch popworld! Oh well)

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