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Anyone waiting up?


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That is probably out of my range. Its not like on MTV or anything... lo es?


Well, Im sure another sleepless 5:30AM is due anyday now. I am sure to catch it eventually. Would be cool to see I am sure.


On this side of the pond, a few radio stations are starting to play MIKA. This is a tough place to market music, though. I myself do not listen to broadcast radio, my friends have been calling me with these reports...


which makes me laugh, every time I get a "I HEARD MIKA" phone call. :naughty:



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I'll have to stay up, since I missed it the first time round!!!!!!!!!!

Did you miss it steph, i think its fab. did u watch the copy of it Jennie put up or r u going to c it 4 the 1st time later?

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I need to get me one of those some day. I usually get rolling out of bed after the first client calls me...


..and no, I am not a whore!


well, in some circles I'm not. :wub2:









OC Im the same, I want to c it again but im tired already. i may go to bed and set my alarm.
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Thanks alot for that, from all of us that still get excited when they see the "Grace Kelly" vid on tv!!!!


when you have watched this , go to the 'nearly new Mika song ' thread and post an upbeat lyrics line....please:thumb_yello:

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