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Celeb Chat R1 - Annie Mac


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Apologies if this has already been posted. I was on my way to Mum's on Mother's Day and was listening to Annie Mac standing in for Sara Cox on Radio 1. She played the celeb chat with Mika from her Sunday night show. It's just a short slot, good bit about the Relax ringtone :naughty: ...


You can listen again via Sara Cox Sunday show - so will be there until Sunday. (It's 43 mins in :wink2:). Enjoy!

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You need to have Real Player to listen to BBC Radio. There's an audio help page. Having said that, it's not that simple ... I can't listen to the BBC at work because of being restricted to real player, which when I try to download, gets blocked :thumbdown:. The BBC are supporting windows media for some stations eg 6 music, but not R1 and R2 at present.


Edit ... Feel really cruel now that I have posted details of something that so many people can't actually listen to.

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To those of you who have problems with Real Player, I've converted the file to mp3 and uploaded it, just RIGHT CLICK on this link and choose to save. Don't forget to RIGHT CLICK then save! :)


There's a part where Mika mentions Regina Spektor, and the funny thing is, the first time I ever heard him, my first thought was, "Wow, a male version of Regina Spektor!!"


Alright, enough insanity from my side...enjoy the interview! :wink2:

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