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Review: Life in Cartoon Motion - Univ of California


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Another college newspaper review -- I like the description of Mika as a "big wad of bubblegum... fresh and juicy" :wink2:




Life in Cartoon Motion

Casablanca Music, LLC


Rating: 4


With tight pants, dark curly locks, white sneakers and swaying hips, Mika might not cause a craze as Elvis Presley did, but he will make listeners want to get up and dance on a post-candy sugar high.


The young Lebanese-born and British-raised singer/songwriter's debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, is no doubt a very animated 12-track set. Rather than declaring Mika as pop, as in popular, he resembles the actual word onomatopoeically, with his lively and energetic aura that is cartoon-like, as suggested by the album's title.


The album ignites with the peppy and perhaps catchiest song, titled "Grace Kelly." There are shout-outs of colors, emotions and states of being, as a result of the singer claiming, "I've gone identity mad!"


Often singing in incomplete thoughts, most of Mika's lyrics have abrupt changes that are refreshingly unpredictable. His few ballads, however, fall victim to a campier and contrived feeling, but still garner some momentum among the dominating up-tempo tracks.


Mika also isn't afraid to touch on some unfamiliar territory in pop music. "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" is about just that - big girls - with encouraging sentiment. Adding humor to his music, "Billy Brown" is exceptionally amusing as he sings, "Billy Brown had lived an ordinary life/ Two kids, a dog and a cautionary wife/ While it was all going according to plan/ Then Billy Brown fell in love with another man."


Reminiscent of other artists like Scissor Sisters and Robbie Williams, Mika adds some glam to the pop world with unrestrained optimism. Listening to his album is like chewing a great big wad of bubblegum: fresh and juicy, particularly at the start, with interludes of flavorful bubbles in between.


-Lauren Winn



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Ohh, nice review!


I didn't like the bubblegum thingie though...quite disturbing to envision it, no? *shudders* lol


Winn was right about the swaying hips though; the man does know how to sway!!! hehe

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