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Hellow from Finland!!!


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I'm very happy to be able to communicate with other Mika fans. I come from Finland, originally from Estonia. I lived in Finland for 4 years, now. I liked Mika right away I first saw Grace Kelly video on MTV. He was different. Like a fresh breeze on this pop field, where all artists look and sound exactly the same. I heard some Freddie in him, before I read about these comparisons, but I'm not a Queen fan (They have many good songs, but I have only 1 album: Innuendo). So, it's not the reason I love Mika. I love him because of his personality (I watched his interviews in youtube) and because he's so talented singer, and he plays piano, and speaks French. I really love him very, very much, and hope to get a lot of post from you, Mika-fans!

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