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Hi Mika fans, obviously I am one too..!!


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Hi everybooty,


I heard about Mika just a few weeks ago.


I am in my 30's and there is very few new music I like, I kind like got stuk in every decade, except for the first one of the new millenium.


I heard about this new singer, that had a very nice song, but was reluctant to listen to it. I thought that'll be another one hit wonder, but then I heard his name was Mika and the funny thing is that my son's name is Mika, he is 3 years old, so I thougth I'll listen to that Grace Kelly song and I liked it, my dougther wanted the CD, so I bougth it for her and downloaded it on my ipod.


That way I listened to the rest of the songs and I can honestly say: "I love them all"


I pay atention to the lyrics and they are kind of "dark"sometimes even angry, but they are all happy tunes. I love it.


I have seen his interviews and specially liked the one in Holland with Jensen. Sooo funny..!!


He is a nice kid, seems honest and is doing what everybody in this world should do, what he likes and having fun while doing it.





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