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*sigh* I think im in the wrong place


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Ok, I am 30ish. I heard Mika's song on the radio while i was in the car. Had no idea what it was, turned it up full, which didnt please the kids much :naughty: .


I had no idea what the song was called, or who's it was.

Spent a week hunting it down, before i stumbled across it on youtube.

It is only just starting to get a lot of airtime over here. Australia.


I really hope Mika has plans of coming here, I will be first in line to get tickets. Which is interesting concidering I have only ever been to two concerts before, both David Bowie.


There is something very special about Mika, maybe it's the true glam rock that has attracted me. Certainly doesnt hurt that he is so damn cute, and has such a wonderful voice.


Thanks for listening Sue

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