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I actually came upon this website by accident. I was, of course, looking for anything and everything on MIKA and loved the pictures on this site. I actually was introduced to MIKA by a friend who did not like "Grace Kelly" and made fun of it. I hadn't heard it so I found it on the internet and really liked it. I listened to some more songs, put them on my iPod(sorry, free download, bad I know) and have been listening to nothing but MIKA for the past two months. I finally got the cd for my birthday this past weekend and it hasn't left my car stereo except to be played in my home stereo. I love it!!!

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Join the club! Oh, you have!

No, I mean we are all like that, can't help listening to Mika non-stop wherever we are!


Welcome to MFC, a fantastically friendly place as I hope you will find out!


Come and join in!


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