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MIKA Competition?


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Hello, I Just Saw On MIKA's Myspace That There Is Going To Be A Little Competition, These Were His Exact Words[From His Blog]



Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive MIKA competition that's set to launch on My Space this coming Monday.

It involves a little bit of dressing up, a little bit of filming and just a bit of imagination. Log on, this Monday for a chance to win a spot on the guestlist at one of his upcoming May shows!!!


mikamyspace xx


So Any Ideas About What It Might Be?



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maybe they want fans to make videos to one of his songs & possibly for the next video he puts out use part of the fan video or show some of it.?? i know some artists have been asking fans to do that lately, & the fan videos have cameo's in the music videos.


i dunno its just a guess.


but it all sounds amazingly fun.

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