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  1. hey im isabelle nice to meet you


  2. mika u probably won't read this but if u do just know that ur simply the best artist ever, better than freddy mercury or any1 u've been compared to...ur muzic is simply amazing, i can't get bored of it! gd luck !
  3. how is the noise an old printer? it sounds like...somthing but not an old printer!
  4. i totally understand u!i'm in the same situtation (but much worse: i hv my baccaleureat in 2 weeks and i'm spending all my time on mcf and not studying) my mom is going crazy!! but i better study coz if i pass my dad's gonna get me tix to one of mika's concerts( since he's not coming anytime soon to lebanon that means i'll travel to the us or uk or wherever his concert is:D)
  5. are u talkin about the bird twister thing? i bought it yesterday :D:D
  6. how do u do it? is there a special programm or smthn?
  7. 10x for posting...i loved the interview
  8. i think ur the ony one here lol....i think mika's hot but then it's completly normal since i'm a girl
  9. really? u think so? i c him more like a little circus monkey, they'r so cute!!
  10. he should play the part of tony montana in scarface... i'd love to c him playing the bad guy...
  11. i think they'r both really cute...but they dnt really look alike
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