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Mika in Chicago


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Just in case any other Mikaites are in the midwest-tickets for Mika in Chicago on June 11 went on sale today. Ticketmaster has them-not too bad pricewise. Also a few other US gigs. June 11 sigh so close yet so far-only counting days not hours away yet.:mf_lustslow:

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I got my tix today, too! I'm so excited! :)


I really hope I can go to this concert...thats four days after my graduation, so that'd be an awesome present for myself! :naughty: ....and something like, 20 or 30 years from now when Mika is a music legend I'll be able to brag about having seen him when he first started to make it big...:punk: :punk:

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Wow, that's awesome of your hubby! Glad you're getting to join us at the Chi-town show!


I wonder if I'll be able to get one of my friends to go if I asked...none of them like Mika, but there's one who I may be able to persuade...:thumb_yello: ...if so, then I might be able to go. :punk:

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My hubby just surprised me with the news we are going to the Mika show June 11th in chicago and staying for 3 days!!!

still in total shock

i live in Canada lol


ME too! ME too! ME too!


I'll see you there! So excited, so excited! *panting* *jumpiing*


4 DAYS to GO!!!!

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